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    I don’t sleep. I don’t move. I stay there with my eyes closed, listening and feeling Sethos’s even breathing on my neck. There are no windows in the room, so I cannot tell how much time has passed. Every now and then I hear footsteps outside of the room, most likely from other slaves. Do they know I’m in here? Surely some saw me being dragged to the room. And if they saw me, do they know what happened to me? Do they even care?

    I dare not move for fear that Sethos will wake and I will be punished. His arms are still around me and the slightest movement could wake him.

    After unknown hours, Sethos’s even breathing changes and he pulls me closer to him. “Hello, pet.” he says, turning me to face him. He leans in and kisses me, a growl forming in his throat. “I don’t think I’m quite done with you yet.” he grins. “I think I’m going to have a bit more fun with you before you go.” he pulls me yet even closer and I feel him growing erect from whatever sick, evil thoughts are running through his mind. I mentally cursed myself for not trying to escape.

    “Such a pretty mouth.” he says. “Why don’t we put it to good use?” he moves the blankets and slides off the bed, standing facing me.
    “Get up.” he demands. I slowly slide to the edge of the bed, just wanting to escape. “Look at me.” he demands, licking his lips. I look up into his cold blue eyes.

    “Get on your knees.” he commands staring right back into my eyes. I obey reluctantly, looking down at the soft carpet. “Look at me.” he demands. I look up and he grins evilly.
    “Suck me.” I don’t move, trying to think of a way to escape. “Now.” he says, growing irritated. Again I don’t move.

    He growls and leans down as he grabs my hair. I gasp in pain and he pulls me forward, filling my mouth with himself. I gag as he holds my hair, moving my head along himself. Sethos moans and tightens his grip on my hair, leaving me at his mercy.

    I do all in my power to breath and not choke. I feel he’s close to finishing and I pray that he will let me go.
    “You better swallow all of it, or you will regret it, slave.” he demands before moaning again. He shudders as he releases himself deep in my throat. I choke down all of the sticky substance, gagging.

    Between the sounds Sethos was making and my own focus to not choke, I didn’t hear the door open.

    “Oh, Master. I did not know. I’m sorry.” I hear a voice say. I open my eyes and see another cat person. A male, with pure white hair, wearing the male slave uniform. Sethos releases his grip on my hair and I pull back, trying to cover myself.
    “No worries, Fluffy. I’m done with her.” Sethos says without turning to look at the intruder. My savior, though he came too late. “Take her.” Sethos commands to the other slave standing in the doorway. I stand and run out of the room, not looking back, finally being able to escape.

    I only make it outside the door though, just enough to escape, before I collapse into a ball on the floor. I shudder, from fear, or trauma, or the cold air hitting my naked body, or all three I do not know. Tears stream down my face, and sobs rack my body. I try to breath but can’t get any air.

    Suddenly, there is a hand on my back. I pull back, not knowing who it was. Visions of Sethos fill my mind.
    “Shh, it’s okay.” I hear a voice say. A sweet voice, calm and comforting. I look up to see the face of the cat boy, looking at me with a worried, caring look. I gasp for breath, trying to subdue the tears. He rubs my back, whispering things, trying to comfort me.

    When I can breath, and most of the tears have slowed, I look up to face of my comforter.
    “Here.” he says, taking off his baggy shirt and handing it to me. I pull on the shirt, thankful for any kind of covering.

    “Come on, lets get you to the servant quarters.” he says, helping me stand, then directing me as we walk down the halls. We only passed a few people, and they gave us weird looks. I think the cat boy, whoever he was, took halls with less people.

    After walking for what seemed like an hour, we finally reach a plain wooden door that the eared boy opens. I look around the plain, unadorned room. A few plain wooden tables and chairs were scattered around, with people sitting at them. I keep my head down, avoiding the stares of the other slaves as I’m led through the people. I accidentally bump into a chair and look up to mumble a quick apology to the brown haired boy I hit. I keep walking as I feel his stare, along with everyone else’s on me.

    My unknown savior leads me through a few more doors, until we reach a near empty room. Bedrolls line up across the entire floor. A few other people were sleeping, but for the most part the room was empty.
    “Here, follow me.” the unknown cat person leads me towards the back, where only a few empty bedrolls were. He motions for me to sit on one of the bedrolls and I eagerly obey. He sits next to me, not saying anything.

    “Thank you.” I choke out.
    “For what?”
    “Just… for helping me. Bringing me here, away… I think about all that happened, and what you walked in on… You could’ve just walked off, left me there. But you helped me. Thank you.”
    “It’s no big deal. I know how it feels; we all need someone to help us.”

    Silence fills the air. Though, not awkward, nor creepy. Calming.
    “So, do I have a name to call you?” I ask.
    “Er… yeah. It’s um… it’s Fluffy.” he replies apprehensively.
    “Fluffy? Really? That’s a bit ironic isn’t it?”
    “Well, it’s not exactly a real name. The masters gave it to me.”
    “They named you?” I ask.
    “Well, I guess they did. See… well never mind you don’t want to hear my story.” he says, looking down at the ground.
    “Sure I do. Anything to distract me. I could use a good story.” I say, resting my head on my knees.

    “Okay, if you really want to listen. Well, I’m an orphan. This place is all I’ve ever known. I was sold here as a young toddler, and no one knew my name. I wouldn’t be shocked if I never had one. So, the masters thought it would be funny to call me “Fluffy”. They wouldn’t allow me to be called anything else.”
    “I’m sorry.”

    He sighs. “It’s no big deal. I’ve grown used to it by now.”
    “It seems like everyone here has a story.” I think aloud.
    “Yeah,” Fluffy agrees. “It does. So what about yourself? What’s your story?”
    “I wish I knew.” I reply, trying to remember anything about my past.
    “What do you mean?” he asks.

    “Well, I don’t remember anything up until I woke up here.”
    “Nothing?” he asks wide-eyed.
    “Not even my name.” I reply.
    “Well, it looks like you and I are a lot alike then.”
    “Yeah, it does.” I agree.

    After a few moments of silence, Fluffy stands up.
    “Well, I’m going to go get you some cloths. Then you need to get some sleep. Try to forget about what happened.”
    “Thank you.” I say again before he turns and leaves.

    A few minutes later, Fluffy returns with another uniform for me. I look at the short maid’s skirt with disgust.
    “Here,” he says handing me the small uniform. “I’ll turn so you can get dressed.” he turns and I quickly get in the outfit, glad I could cover myself with more than just Fluffy’s baggy shirt.
    “Okay.” I say after getting dressed. I hand him his own shirt, saying yet another thanks.
    “Here,” he says motioning to the bedroll next to the one we were sitting on. “You need to get some sleep. This bedroll isn’t taken and mine is right next to it. You just got here, so hopefully you won’t have to do anything for a bit.”

    I lay down on the bedroll, thankful for a place where I could sleep. Fluffy lays down in his bedroll next to me and I shiver from the cold, dark room. He scoots closer, trying to give me any warmth. I soon close my eyes, and drift into a nightmare filled sleep.