• Warning: Contains Gore (albeit badly written gore).

    Paragraph Story 01: Encounter

    I turned to look in horror as my squad-mate screamed in agony. His limbs being ripped from their sockets, then being removed completely with a sickening crack. The containment seal on his armor squealed an warning for a breach. The Flood form howled as it felt its opportunity to satisfy its hunger. I watched, momentarily stunned, as my friend was infected. His body twisted and writhed as his mind and body fought to withstand the onslaught of the entering entity. His screams turned into the howls of the enemy. My training took over. I raised my rifle and fired a single round straight into his cheat cavity, puncturing his heart and the newly grown infection form, and luckily killing the Flood form behind. Flood goo spat across the cold steel floor. A single trickle of liquid dripped down my face, still safely closed behind my amror's golden faceplate.

    I continued down the chilling corridor to the extraction point, jogging slightly, hoping I wouldn't find any more eager Flood in the section.

    Her luck held.