• It wasn’t that he hated mornings, it was that he despised sunlight (and being a vampire did give one certain limitations to exposure as well). He liked to relax in his room and leave the shades and curtains open at night, but when he had fallen asleep – sunlight was an incredibly rude awakening. He crawled under his sheets and crawled into a corner of the room. When he finally made it out of his room – he threw the sheets off and sighed loudly. It was the worst part of the morning – sunlight.

    Of course, there were other bad parts to mornings, for example, his sister had always managed to find her way outside of his door. She was waiting for him as he stood there with a sheet over his head, peering out with those wide red eyes and watching her closely. Her hands sat on her hips and she gave him a knowing smile. “You fell asleep with everything open again, didn’t you?” It was like a routine. She would have expected that in ninety years he’d learn his lesson. She predicted it would take him at least ninety more before he got a solid grip on what it meant to be a creature that is “harmed by sunlight”.

    He held out his hands for her, slightly burned but finally starting to heal once he was out of his sunlit room. “Yes,” he finally admitted after several long moments of almost-silence (almost in that she was trying to no avail to avoid laughing at her younger brother’s problem). “Aren’t you supposed to make sure I don’t do that again?”

    “Father says it is all about Darwinism. You’ll either figure it out or die trying. You’re lucky it is before noon and a cloudy day today.” She smirked with those pointed teeth. “Get ready for work.”

    Oh yes. …That. He truly hated mornings.