• When I arrived at the scene people had already begun to gather to see if they could spot anything through the windows. News crews had started showing up and the local law enforcement was having a field day keeping them away from the yellow tape. I flashed my badge and, as usual, the locals had to call their superiors and ask if I was to be let through. With caution they allowed me to pass. When I opened the door I was greeted with strange and curious stares by the "normal" investigators. They had taken their pictures and thoroughly looked over the scene of the crime. The victim was already covered in a sheet yet the body still lied in a pool of blood.
    "We're almost done here." Said their chief inspector. "I don't even know why you're team was called in."
    "Well it was." I replied with a smirk. "I'm inspector Compton." I reached out to shake his hand. He returned the gesture. I loved this part.
    "I'm..." He began. I finished.
    "Chief Inspector Hancock, been on the force for quite some time." I smirked at his confused stare. Then I went on, "This is a murder scene huh?" He hesitantly nodded. "Can I see the knife?" He pulled a bag out of his pocket. Inside was the knife that was used as the murder weapon. I took the bag and looked it over. That's when Duncan walked through the door.
    "Okay." he said in his cool tone, "Everyone out. It's our turn." Without hesitation everyone began to clear the room. They shot angry glances at Duncan and I for stealing their glory, but when you work in our kind of business you get used to it.
    As Hancock reached the door I called out to him. "And do me a favor inspector." I hadn't looked away from the knife. "Please let the girl you have in the squad car back inside. We have some questions of our own." The inspector looked me over and reluctantly nodded.
    "Alright boys." Duncan said opening his coat. "Do your thing." Two lights flew out of his inner pockets. One blue and one red. They dashed away into the house, leaving me and Duncan alone. Duncan looked at me and asked, "So? What do we got?"
    "Murder." I replied. "Guy named Pietro. Stabbed in his own house. Still no clue why. I haven't gotten to the body yet."
    "Pietro what?" Duncan asked, referring to the lack of a second name.
    "Nothing." I chuckled, "He only had one name. You know, like 'McLuvin'." At that moment a young girl in handcuffs walked through the front door. Duncan closed the door behind her and looked her over. I did the same. There was something off about her. I didn't have time to find out and I didn't want to get over my head yet. I had a job to do. I took out the knife and held my pendant tight as I gripped the knife's handle and closed my eyes. "Damnit!" I cursed as I put the knife back in the bag.
    "What?" Duncan was startled by my outburst.
    "Gloves." I replied. "The killer was wearing gloves. I got nothin'." It was time for the body. Duncan's lights had returned. They followed me as I made my way towards the victim. They lifted the sheet and when I grabbed Pietro's lifeless hand I closed my eyes and the images appeared.
    I was sitting in a chair, reading a book in front of the fire place. A sharp pain drove into my back. I collapsed. I turned to see my attacker. But my vision is so blurred by loss of blood I can't see much but his outline. He had something resembling a brief case in one hand and the other hand held the knife. Then I died.
    I opened my eyes and let the hand fall to the floor. "I hate that part." Duncan's lights flew to his side.
    "Okay." The lights returned to his coat pockets. "Turns out that there was a window open upstairs. Could be point of entry."
    "Actually." The girl spoke up. "That's how I got in."
    "About that." I stood up and walked over to the girl. She looked at me and then looked away bashfully. She was young. "Did you kill this man?" I pointed at the body. She looked and then shook her head. "Give me your hand." I said placing mine open in front of her. She struggled to take off a glove and finally complied by putting her hand in mine. I closed my eyes.
    I was on the roof. I open the window and begin to prowl about the room. In the darkness my eyes can still see everything. I begin to go through drawers and grab anything that sparkles or shines. I hear a thud come from downstairs. I peek my head out the door. Nothing. I go down a hallway to the top of the stairs. I look down and see two figures. One is bleeding on the floor and the other is standing with a knife and a briefcase. I lean closer for a better look. The stairs creek and the standing figure is so startled by the sound he drops the briefcase and the knife before running out the door. I go down to inspect the scene. The dead man, the knife, the briefcase. That's what caught my eye. The briefcase. Black with a golden P emblem on the side. As soon as I reach for it the police rush in.
    I open my eyes and release the girl. "She didn't get a good look at the guy." I said looking at Duncan. "Neither did Pietro." That's when I saw it. The same case that the killer was holding and the one that the girl saw. "It seems the killer was after this." I picked it up and Duncan stepped by my side. "Let's see what this is all really about." The girl had walked up behind us. She knew we were going to open the case and I didn't mind her curiosity. I clicked the locks and we saw the contents of the case. After a moment of silence we all looked at each other and said one thing.