• Speedy koshiwa
    The moon shown brilliantly onto the Crystal clear water illuminating a school of silver fish .
    The sound of an ocarina playing a sad tune was being carried by a cool ocean breeze ,along with the sounds of crickets played along to the ocarina . It seemed to be another night in the forest village of Quarin one of the most peaceful nights it had in centuries .
    " Over there there's another one " shouted one of Desin's Foot soldiers merrily.
    (( uh,, i am going to have to lead them away from the village again )) I thought to my self as I placed my ocarina down and got off of the tree branch i was sitting on .I jumped off of the tree and onto the leaf cover ground . I followed the sounds of the soldiers until i spotted one group close the Samantha's hide out ...Too close . I walked far behind the group slowly and began to plan out how i would trick them into believing the village was in the other direction .
    But . me being myself and anyone how knows me knows I am clumsy ... and my foot landed in a Rabbit vine trap that Samantha made three weeks ago . It quickly slung me up into the air and i hung there upside down , better yet i alerted the soldiers. Yep caught again sweatdrop
    " Hey here's one !" a tall solider stated . and then he gabbed me in the side with a stick picked up off the ground .I snapped at him..well the stick mostly stare ." feisty she is " a short solider smiled. The third solider a tall brawny one grabbed my hair " her hair is soft wonder what she stole to get her hair this soft ." I growled at him darkly .No one touched my hair NO ONE ! stressed