• The Illusion was the most sought after of all the vacation destinations in the country. It had dances, casinos, swimming pools, a part time circus, magicians, and it’s own amusement park, The Silver Cloud. Altogether people spent thousands of years and dollars working to make this dream of a hotel a reality.
    Kitty first visited the Illusion at the age of four. It was fascinating, because there was so much to take in. They had spent two days in the metropolis of Espania, the most action packed city in all the continent.
    “Catherine Peterson!” her mom shouted from the floor below, shaking Kitty from her day dream. “We need to go now! Get in the car!” She heard the door to the stairs slam shut and heaved herself off the floor. The seven hour car ride would be boring, just like every other time.
    Kitty climbed into the backseat of the car and waited for the invariable question. “Did you go to the bathroom, sweetie?”
    “Mom. I am 15 years old. I know how and when to use the bathroom.” Kitty said, rolling her eyes.
    “So, does that mean yes?” asked her mother.
    “Yes. God.”
    “Good. Now lets get this show on the road!” exclaimed Dad, pulling out into the street. Just as they got on the highway, the downpour began.
    “Great, now we get to spend vacation completely rained out. Perfect timing, guys.” said Kitty. “Why does this always happen?”
    “Well, honey,” her mother began, “We don’t exactly spend any time outside when we’re there, do we?”
    Kitty didn’t respond. They all knew the answer. No.
    The rest of the car-ride was a long blur, with nothing of consequence happening except stopping to use the bathroom a few times. Really, life with her parents was so boring these days. Thank God they were going somewhere interesting.

    As they pulled up to the hotel, the family could hear the buzz of excitement that meant they were at the Illusion. The golden front doors gleamed in the artificial lighting, and the stained glass windows hung daintily in their frames. The awning over the doors stood tall, and dark, but sheltered the guest from the occasional rainstorms.
    A man standing at the valet station jumped up and ran over to the car. “Welcome to the Illusion. My name is Walter, and I will be your valet today. Please take everything from the car that you will need during your stay. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the front desk. Have a nice stay here.” Walter spouted off this whole speech in a bored voice. He had obviously said it too many times that day.
    Walter wore a dark blue and black uniform, with a gold trim on the edges. His shoes were scuffed, and his hair rumpled. That guy needs to get it together. He looks awful, so not professional, Kitty thought to herself as she pulled her bag from the trunk.

    Copywrite Orio11
    To be continued, of course!