• Prologue:
    An Idea at Large

    “Hey Amethyst do you remember when we met?” Garnet asked her one afternoon in the fairy garden.
    “Like it was yesterday.” Amethyst said looking at Emerald flying along side her horse, Nightmare. She is a pitch black mare with a fiery mane and tail. And of course her wings are pure flames and her horn is poisonous when she wants it to be.
    “Hey! Why don’t we write a story about how we met and all the adventures we had.” Emerald said flying down on her fairy wings.
    “That is a great idea! After all we are the weirdest group of friend in the entire universe.” Garnet said with a laugh.
    “Okay that is what we’ll do. How should we start it off? Once upon a time or a long time ago?” Amethyst asked.
    “How ‘bout one day?” Garnet inquired.
    “That sound marvelous don’t you agree Amethyst?” Emerald said fluttering her wings with joy.
    “Sounds good to me.” Amethyst said chuckling and so their story begins.

    Chapter 1:
    The Faithful Night.

    One day a girl ran away on winged palomino. She went to the dense pine tree forest to hide in because it is basically in her own backyard. She heard a voice and went to go and investigate. It was a girl in a loose mini-skirt and a tight tank-top both in the most spring colors you have ever leaning over a flower singing in this most soothing voice, so quiet only a mouse can hear “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene. I begging of you please don’t take my man…” Now something about this girl you should know is that she always takes her flute with her. She knew this tune and started to play along with her.
    The girl stopped suddenly and looked around wondered who was playing that music. During her wondering she sensed someone or something was following. As she turned around she saw a mirror image of her. Then as soon as she turned around it disappeared. Then she went back on her search of the source of the music.
    The image was made by a girl. She was dressed like a gypsy but, wearing all black. When she dances an image appears. Then she heard music that matched her dancing so she stopped immediately. So she to started to wonder.
    Soon these girls ran into each other. Instinctively they assume attacking poses.
    “What are you doing here?” They asked simultaneously. “Are you the one playing the music?” again at the same time.
    Then they looked up and noticed a girl in a black cloak on the back of a flying palomino coming down playing the song on a flute. All of a sudden there was a rustle behind them. The girl in the cloak stopped playing and stared in horror. She tucked her flute into the delicate looking belt and grabbed the mane, yelled to the two girls to run, and she was gone like lightning. As she left something accidentally fell of her. It was a leaf pendent. Then out of nowhere there were elfin warriors surrounding us with their arrows aimed at the singer and dancer.
    “Where is the beloved Princess Stacie?” said an elf riding on a tall horse (literally and physically).
    “Who?” the girls said in unison. “We really got to stop that.” said the singer. The elf hopped down from his horse and picked up that pendent that fell off of the girl.
    “This is the royal emblem of the elvin family!” The elf said now his voice in a rage. “Siege them!” He yelled pointing a finger at them.
    “We didn’t do anything! We don’t even know her. All we saw was a girl riding a winged palomino.” The dancer persisted.
    “HA! That’s preposterous! She never goes with Marigold anywhere without Nightmare by her side.” The leader said in a bellowing laugh. Then an elf in the rear flank ran up to the leader softly.
    “My lord,” The elf said in a meek voice, “She did escape on Marigold, sir.” He said as he got back into rank.
    The leader flushed from embarrassment. “Very well you have seen her so you are now both are witnesses and suspects.” The elf said to the to girls.
    The two boys around the age of 16 and 18 ran forward and put collars on their neck.
    “No problem I can just teleport to another place.” The dancer said closing her eyes.
    “You’re still here.” The singer whispered to her.
    “How is that possible?!? I should be back at the Dark Castle right now.” The singer said falling to her knees. Everyone backed away immediately because everyone knows the Dark Castle belongs to witches, warlocks, sorceress, and sorcerers.
    Then both of those teens that put the collars on stepped forward.
    “How long ago did you see that girl?” The youngest asked.
    “HOW DARE YOU….” The leader started to say.
    “How dare you speak that way to the Duke of Adisanda.” the older said one stepping forward with a commanding voice. The ‘leader’ stepped back and fell into rank.
    “About a few minutes before you guys arrived.” Said the singer struggling to get the collar off.
    “So can we go?” the dancer said standing up. While she was standing up the elder one signaled a hand gesture and everyone scattered into different directions.
    “No I am sorry miss.” The elder said. Then he snapped his fingers and an aerosol mist came out of the collars and knock out the two girls. Before they were knocked out they heard someone say they found her.

    Chapter 2
    Meeting face to face

    When the two girls woke up they were in a dungeon. It was like those old movies. It was dripping from the ceiling, rats running everywhere, and some old guy saying crazy things. A barred window was right in front of them. They had to be on the seventh floor at least because they only saw the blue sky. So image the shock they were in when all of a sudden a girl came to the window.
    “So you didn’t heed my advice, huh?” the girl said smiling staring at the two below.
    “Are you the Princess Stacie?” the singer said standing up.
    “Yeah. What’s it to you?” the girl said cocking her left eyebrow while lowering the other.
    “Thank god! You need to contact my father or at least get me out of this jail cell!” the girls said in unison.
    “One, I thought you said you’d stop that,” raising one finger, “Two, who’s your fathers.” raising two fingers “And three why should I get you out of that cell?” she said raising three fingers and smirking.
    “Why you little …” Said the dancer pointing her finger at the girl at the window trying to cast a spell. Nothing happen though. The girl in the window laughed so hard she almost fell off her winged horse.
    “I thought you two were smarter than that,” the girl said wiping a tear from her eye, “those collars aren’t a fashion statement. They block all sort of magic. I’ll be over in a minute.” And with that she disappeared.
    “How long until she gets here do you think?” the singer asked the dancer.
    “I don’t know but if our lives are in the hands of that bubbling idiot we’re in a whole lot of trouble.” the dancer said rolling her eyes.
    “What do you mean I can’t go in there?!?” the girls heard outside of their prison cell, “Do you know who I am? I could get you fired in a heartbeat if need be by saying ‘Oh daddy the guard hit me by the cell when I was walking by.’ Now who do you think he is going to believe? His daughter who rarely lies or a guard he only hired an hour ago?” the voice outside sounded much different from the voice they heard right outside their window. This one commanded authority. “That’s more like it.” She said walking in the cell. “I told you I’d be there in a minute.” The girl was different looking from the one in the forest. This on had a long, tight emerald dress that tapered at the waist and was loose all the way down including a train with a crown twisted in a crossing pattern of leaves made of silver and gorgeous silver high heels. She had wavy azul blue hair that reached her knees and she was five foot eight inches with heels. “Sorry for the delay. Would you guys like to have dinner with us and have accommodations in the guest room?” She asked sweetly. ~Is it just me or does she gets mood swings?~ both of them thought in unison.
    “Yes please.” The singer said stepping forward.
    “How do you know that song?” the dancer asked defiantly.
    “Come dinner is getting cold.” Princess Stacie said leaving the cell.
    “Why are you avoiding my question? Answer me or I shall…” the dancer started to say but Princess Stacie interrupted her. “Or you’ll do what? Change me into a frog. Not with those collars on. I still can’t believe that Jeremy would use the aerosols on you. You must have posed a threat on him or something we hardly use the aerosols unless our lives were in danger.” She said shrugging “Any ways come along.” She said stepping out of the cell.
    “Who was the boy with this Jeremy fella of yours?” the dancer said.
    “Oh he is the Duke of Arisadis. That is the neighboring kingdom. We are in Sardirera right now. I also guess you have met his older brother Kuma.” I said with a hint of anger in the very deep part of my throat.
    “Do you dislike him or something?” The singer asked.
    “To say in the nicest manner. Kuma is 21000 years old and he acts like a 5000 year old.” I said shaken my head in disgust.
    “21000 years old?!?” the two girls yelled.
    “Yeah. I am 18000 years old. Oh you measure your life span in human years. A human year is equivalent to 1000 years to elves. So to you he is about … 21 years old.” I said thinking of the calculations.
    “And the other boy? How do you feel about him?” the singer asked cocking her eyebrow in an ‘oh lala’ fashion.
    “Oh Jeremy? He is okay I guess. He is a real good sword fighter and is not too bad with a bow and arrow. I remember just 3000 years ago he could barely shoot the broad side of a barn let alone now a sparrow in flight.” I said in an impressed fashion. Secretly I wouldn’t tell that I actually had a crush on Jeremy, but I would never tell him or them that even if my life depended on it.
    “So are you ready for dinner?” I said snapping back to reality.
    “What will be severed?” they both replied with their mouths watering more than Niagara Falls.
    “You’ll see.” I said grinning over my shoulder.

    Chapter 3
    The Dinner Party.

    The dining hall was filled with rubies and emeralds. On the plates were fruit and magical beast to feast on and much, much more. The girls stared at the food with delight. Stacie curtsied to her father and so did the other girls.
    “Hello father dear. I brought some guest to eat with us.” Stacie said curtsying her finest
    “hum.” Was all he said before stuffing his face with a petite chicken.
    “Please excuse his table manners.” Stacie whispered to the girls. On the table was fruit, freshly picked in the early hours of the morning. Sweet meat from quails, deer, chickens, and cows. Finally there was a big pot of stew. The dancer eyed the food suspiciously but the dancer took a big bowl of stew and began to chow down.
    “What is the matter?” Stacie asked.
    “Not hungry.” She said looking at the food again. ~what did they do to the food?~ she wondered to her self