• Nameless
    ‘It would be fun’ they said, ‘you would have many adventures’ they said. If I had heard that before today, I wouldn’t be here right now. And where am I that make’s me say this? I’m in utter darkness. I have no idea where I am or who I am. All I remember is make a deal with an agency of supernatural forces. Wait I hear voices.
    “Dump the body in that acid bucket over there” said a very deep voice. A man’s voice.
    “Which one?” said small squeaky voice. A woman’s voice.
    “Does it matter? It’s all the same, you retard!” said the deep voice again. The bag I was in was picked up kinda high. Sizzle Sizzle BUWOP!
    “Adios ‘Prince of the night’” said the squeaky voice. What was this? My body…. it’s on fire. My skin it’s dissolving…. my bones are falling right off me. Am I dying? I don’t know how old I am, but I know I’m too young to die. No I feel … stronger. Yeah I’m defiantly stronger and now my skin is burning again. I got to get out of here. I jumped up and out of that burning… liquid? What did that man say, acid? What was acid? And was I floating? Yeah I was floating! My skin was red? No it was green. Now it’s blue? My skin is changing color! What did ‘acid’ do to me?

    “ZURI! You can do better! I didn’t put you on this team for you for to slack off!” yelled Coach Tyler. I didn’t even want to be on this stupid team if it weren’t for my stupid parents being so disappointed in me for not doing enough ‘activities’. The real reason they’re disappointed is because I wasn’t a boy. So now I spend my Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday afternoons training on the track team for a competition seventh graders aren’t even allowed to compete in. I was about to turn the ¾ mark when I hurling comet landed at my feet. No it was a, boy?

    I woke up in a strange place after taking my powers for a spin. I was flying around some noisy, loud place when I suddenly lost control and hit my head hard. The room had paintings of small children all holding hands. I glanced next to me and a girl sat next to me, her head was in her hands and she was falling asleep. I reached my hands out to shake her up, when I noticed my skin was normal. It wasn’t changing colors like before! I let out a small shriek, and the girl woke up.
    “Huh? What? Oh, you’re up” she said.
    “Who are you?” I asked “Why isn’t my skin blue like before?”
    She looked confused. “You’re skin was blue? Um, are you okay?” she questioned.
    “Of course why wouldn’t I be? Except for the fact I’m not flying or changing color anything!” I exclaimed in distressed “Wait maybe I’m sick. Obviously!”
    “Uh here I’ll call your parents. What’s your phone number?” she asked.
    “Phone number? What’s that?” I asked. Seriously what is a phone number? And why doesn’t this girl have blue skin like me?
    “I’m gonna go get the nurse. Oh and by the way I’m Zuri.”