• Flashback:

    Rokuro sighed as he looked up at the sky, his hair swaying with the wind. "How much longer must I stay here" He said with a sigh as he stood up and put on his helmet, covering his blood red hair and shielding his golden eyes. "Time to move out" He mumbled to himself as he walked to the camp site and looked at the soldiers stationed there. "Men!...today....we claim our place...we take back whats ours!" He yelled out as he raised his katana into the air.

    All of the soldiers raised their weapons as they all let out a loud battle cry which seemed to be heard everywhere. "We're outnumbered....but we must kill them before they kill us..." He sighed as he got on top of his horse and rode towards the guarded city that was his former home, the town of Ailily. There, the castle where his father, the king of Terresia lived.

    The land was a lush green paradise but recently, it became a desolate wasteland with the constant depletion of the resources around and there was barely enough for the townspeople to eat. The surrounding kingdoms took the seceding royal knights and soldiers but as soon as we saw the barren wasteland they knew they had to do something, especially me.

    Terresia was now deprived of animals, crops would not come in, and everywhere they looked, they saw nothing but dead trees as well as bones from the dead animals. "I can't believe he did all of this to the land the former king created for us! I cannot forgive him not now not ever!" As he sped up he noticed destroyed and torn down villages, but the biggest surprise came when he saw his former home, Ailily in ruins, all that was left was the large castle where his father Kohryu reinged as king.

    As he looked at the castle, a sudden fit of rage took him over. "Father! prepare!" He yelled out as he stormed the castle on his own, the soldiers barely arriving. Everything. The lush green pastures where he grew up as a child, the king who had raised him when his father left for war, his mother and relatives, his friends and most of all the land he swore to protect were destroyed, only the inside of the castle, the fortress held the green pastures.

    He took down a large number of soldiers as he wandered the corridors, the fight already began outside, his body covered in his enemies' blood. He looked up and saw a man wearing a pitch black cloak when all of a sudden he blacked out then and there.

    End Flashback-

    Rokuro awoke in a daze and he studied his surroundings. It was a month or so after the battle, he knew he had failed to regain everything. He winced from the pain of his wounds that were never treated and then he saw the burning metal reaching his arm. "What is this?!" He yelled out as he struggled.

    The person holding the metal just chuckled and pushed the metal into his skin. "Take that traitor..." The voice rang as the person grinned keeping the metal against his skin.

    Rokuro screamed in pain as the burning metal was pressed against his skin. He was marked as a traitor, the scar he gained proved it. "My son....the traitor" Called out a man wearing the king's crest. "Rokuro Hanamura the Fourth.....you've betrayed me because I took your old king's place! I have made the place much better!" He yelled in Rokuro's face then followed up with a swift slap across the face making him wince.

    Rokuro opened his eyes and glared at the man. "Kohryu Hanamura.....king of Terresia...you old fool....you may have trapped me....But my men won't stop until Terresia is free!" He yelled out as the intensity of his glare pierced Kohryu. He struggled to move as the chains around his arms and legs kept him pinned to the wall. "I'll escape....and then I'll cut your head off!!" He yelled out but then fell to his knees as his legs gave out.

    Kohryu let out a laugh as he walked out. "Guard.....Don't give him food or drink for the next three days...as punishment" The guard nodded and walked into the room.

    "Rokuro-sama..." The voice of a woman caught his ears making his head look up. "Rokuro-sama....you're bleeding...are you in pain" She asked. Rokuro just stayed silent as he looked at the guard.

    After a few minutes of silence Rokuro finally talked by using all of the strength he could muster. "You....who are you?" wincing from the sharp pain on his arm and then from his improperly treated wounds, the lack of food and water. His once strong physique had deteriorated to the weak form he was in now.

    The guard removed her helmet revealing a soft face, nurturing, a face that he once knew, her eyes were a light shade of green and her hair pitch black. "Rokuro-sama....its me....Rin...remember" She said as she removed the chains keeping him up. As soon as they were off he fell forward, his body beaten bruised, nearly destroyed but his eyes, tears began to flow out of them as he weakly wrapped his arms around her.

    He cried into her chest as he could call back his memory from the day they parted ways. "Rin....where have you been.....what happened to you" were the last things he could say before he felt her arms embrace him, sending her warmth through his body making the pain go away, for some reason; every time she did that, his problems, his troubles, his pain all went away and he could only cry.

    She held him close until she heard another guard outside. "Rin-sama! The prisoner is to be executed later today!" The guard yelled then his footsteps were getting fainter and fainter until they couldn't hear them anymore. Rin sat still then looked at Rokuro. "Rokuro-kun...I'm getting you out of here! I don't care about my position....I....I don't want to see you die...so..will you leave with me?" She said as she let go of him, wiping away his tears.

    Rokuro looked at her then nodded. "I need to do this...but I don't want to get you in trouble." He said with a hint of worry in his voice. She just laughed lightly and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Rokuro....I don't care...I haven't seen you in years...I would care less about my position...I just want to see you safe, and alive" She said with another gentle smile as she looked at the door.

    Rokuro sat there as he looked down, his eyes showing a small hint of remorse for what was about to happen he then looked up at Rin. "Rin....I want to go through with the execution...its the only way I can escape" She quickly looked at him wide-eyed.

    "What are you talking about?!" She yelled out as she quickly checked his temperature. "ok you're not sick....so you're serious about this?" He nodded then chuckled as he pointed to the door weakly. She sighed as she heard footsteps.

    She quickly smiled and stood up helping him up as well. "Soldiers!" She yelled out as three other guards came in. "Escort the prisoner to the excecution grounds! I will handle his death myself" She said as the guards nodded and carried Rokuro away as she gave him a wink that made him calm down as he was being dragged away.

    She stood there then looked up and walked out of the prison. "Prepare the execution grounds!" She yelled out as more guards ran outside. "Make sure no one is around!" she yelled again as the people were kept away and the guards exited as she walked into the ground. "are you prepared to die...Rokuro Hanamura....for your crimes against the king?" She said as she drew her sword.

    Rokuro looked up and nodded. "I am ready for my punishment.." He said as he was about to get struck when an explosion made both of them look over. "Now is our chance...let's move!" She said as she handed him a set of Armour. He nodded as he put it on and walked with her help to get to a hidden exit. As they ran they heard a voice.

    "Rin...I always knew you had a soft spot for the former prince...." Her eyes widened as she turned and drew her sword. "As always...you think you can escape me.....I'm a bounty hunter...I'm going to claim his head....." Their eyes widened as a cloaked figure approached them. "Vincent the immortal...at your service" He called out as he pulled out a dagger that was lathered in poison. "You two will go no further"

    -End of chap 1-


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