• Chapter 2 (The Case on the cruiz)

    It will be fun Nellie,said Steph.I dont want a party Steph i'll feel sadder,I
    know I will...No you wont Nellie youll fell fine, go to the party for me okaiis because
    if you dont go then ill be sadder than you.Fine ill go as long as their is people that I
    know their. Thank you soo much Nellie I promise you it'll be awsome!!Then Nellie
    got a phone call and it was her mom. Nellie were did you go, I went to your room and
    didnt find you. Mom Im out okay ill be back in 5 minutes.Okay Nellie...Bye
    mom.Steph I am sorry my mom wants me at home. Its oaky Nellie as long as you
    come to the party then I am happy.Okay well bye Steph.Bye Nellie i'll call you later.
    Then I skated home and when I got their my om said why did you leave and I said
    I went over Stephs house.And at least Im back now.Hija, I have to tell you some-
    thing.Hija we are not moving yet but instead we are taking a cruze to florida. Mom!
    Really! yes!! for how long?Mmm. mabe a week or two. Cool! I have to call Steph!
    And then I ran to hug my mom and said thankyou, thankyou soo much!! then I ran
    to the stairs and my mom said to get everything packed because we will go in 2 days.Okay
    mom. then as soon as I got to my room I called Steph. Omd loca guess what?What?
    Im not moving yet but Im goin on a cruize with my mum and I am leaving in 2 days
    so you dont have to make a party yet!Ohh still I do but now its gonna be more of a see
    you in a couple weeks party.Aww Steph thanks....wait my mom wants to tell you somthing.
    Ohh hi Maria.Hi Janellie.Umm.. Stephanie and me are going to the cruize with
    you and your mom..What!! Yey!! I know Janelle im exited too. well yea thats all bye. Bye Maria. Hello Steph are you here.Yes! im so happy we have to go shopping!
    Um..yea sure? Nellie whats wrong.Nothing its just that what if somthing bad happens,
    or the ship sinks,or somthing.I get too scared to evn think about it..Nellie dont worry
    nothing wil happen.So then we went to the store and got stuff.Then Steph said lets make
    a party.Loca i dotn fell like it.Dont worry Nellie.I dpnt feel like it im srry i have to go
    home bye.Fine then.. its alrite bye.See you later Steph.So when I went home i had satrted to pack and i was listening to music on the sterio.I had went back outside and went
    to the skate park,I dont go thier alot because of the sun but,now that the sun was goin away
    it was easier for me to skate.Thier was always alot of people in the day at the skate park but now their was just enough space to skate.Then I saw my brother Juan miguel and i
    havent seen him in days.Juan! where were you at all these days!No where Nellie! I dont
    want to talk about it!What you dont want to talk about it! mom almost had a heart attac when you didnt come home!you tell me!Then this guy who was with him said.Hey is that your sister.Umm..yea that is her..Why you asking?I said.Its none of your buisness! Hey your sister has a smart mouth and shes hot.Dont even think about it,my brother said.
    What is he thinking about?!? Nellie stop nothing!Nothing means somthing to me!Well
    Nellie is it? Well i can say whatever I want and think it too.No you cant!said my brother. Whats going on? I said.Nothings going on Nellie so run hurry go home before
    he gets you Nellie run!!!! Then all of a suuden I felt like needed to run and soo I did.
    I ran half way down the street.Then all of a sudden I heard a gunshot and started to
    run even fasterI was so scared and I was crying I knew that my brother had been shot because I herd his friend yelling.He was saying come back here! Then he ran after me.
    I was breathing hard.I could feel my heart beeting fast.Then boom! I heard another
    gonshot but i felt pain in my arm.I couldnt feel my arm,only the pain it hurt soo much! Then
    I ran 2 streets from my house and hid behind a abandon house.Then 5 minutes past. I texed my mom and tolled her to pick me up.She came 2 minutes later then I tolled her wat had happened.We drove to the skate park then I saw my brother lying their next to a giant
    puddle of blod then I ran to him.Juan are you okay?!? Yes Nellie i am.Then he saw
    my arm and said he hit you..shhhshhh dont talk here lets go home.