• A night just like this a mouse will scurry around threw brambles behind is a She-cat named Holly,She was as black as the pine forest at Midnight.She crouched ready to pounce on the tasty creature. As shes about to Pounce her young daughter Sprung out of the bush scaring the mouse.
    "What were you thinking Cloud?"She hissed at the White young she-cat.
    "But, Mom i was just having fun you no after you decided never to take me to hunt." The white cat protessed.
    "Im sorry but go back to your friend thorn." She mewed
    "Okay." She sighed as she ran carefully along side the river watching her step.
    Holly trouted back to the rock she was waiting on earlier.Hearing something move in the brambles she jumped off,Seeing the prey she crouched hoping no one scares this one She pounced anf held the mouse under her paws.she picked up the mouse with her strong jaws and trouted back home to see her daughter and her tabby friend waiting as well.
    "Hello, i brought food for you anyways have you seen talon and breeze."she mewed
    "i saw them over in the den sharing some fresh kill." she mewed
    "Thanks." she meowed as she trouted away.
    as she got close she started to see breeze sunny yellow pelt and talon's white pelt.
    "Hey, guys ready to go for that stroll in the rain soon."she meowed happily
    "Soon as it starts raining." they mewed

    TO BE CONTUINED!!!!!!!
    Thunder started and rain started to pour after.
    So as they trouted away cloud and thorn followed,they made a bendy turn around the slope and cloud started to run to keep up and thorn sprinted by her and then they tumbled down the slope.
    "did you hear that?" she mewed
    "lets turn back." as she ran toward the slope
    The small cats slid down and they fighted .
    "You pushed me down!" Cloud hissed and she whiped her claw around to claw out thorns nose.
    "Ouch, anyways she rolled on me!"thorn hissed as kicked her in the gut.
    As Holly heard yowls and hissing the kits were fighting she slid down to stop the fighting she went to fast down and knocked cloud into the rushing water.
    "No, thorn do you see cloud?" she hissed