• Shelly's blood stained my shirt. She'd been killed right in front of me. The worst part was what i was thinking showed no real sadness. 'We haven't even gotten to make out,' ran through my head. I ran off like a scared baby. Captain of the football team yeah, but i was going to try to be some kind of hero.

    I ran into Jose, and he looked as if he'd seen a ghost. His face was pale and he looked like it was half time and we were loosing a game.

    "They got Tracey," He said to me. s**t my moms gonna be pissed I thought. Tracey was my little sis, and Jose's girl. Then we heard the clicking sound and Jose's face went even paler. The knife flew past my shoulder and straight through Jose's head. I screamed like a little girl.

    I ran, like i never had before. Coach would have been proud. Then the clicking stopped coming behind me and i was at a dead end. I turned to face the killer dude.

    "Man i don't want no trouble," i said. Then he laughed. 'Dude's got a really girly laugh,' i thought.Then killer slipped off the big ugly black cloak.

    My eyes boggled, like the cartoon thing always did. The hottest chick i'd ever seen stood in front of me. Long toned legs, hips like Beyonce the flattest stomach I'd ever seen and two huge boobs, staring at me. Her red hair blazed like a fire, as the wind blew it. Her skin glowed, and her hazel eyes shined. She was a goddess.

    The leather short shorts she wore pressed tight to her and I wanted to rip them off. The top clung to her like spray only covering her chest and even that was spilling out the top. Looking at her excited me. She walked over and her stilettos clicked. She pushed me down to the floor, and then leaned down to look at me.

    "You can live, but only on one condition," she said. I nodded ready to do whatever she asked.

    "Your gonna be my slave, whatever I ask you do," at first I was skeptical to what she maybe implying then she added, "we'll start now, you'll love my bed..."