• My ears pricked up at a sound in the distance. the familar snores of the rest of my pack resounded around me making it almost impossible to hear. But we'd all just been running through the river from the humans so my pack didn't smell, at least not as much as normal. The smell hit me like a bomb.

    I, bob-marley, a husky pup had the best nose in the pack, and now this privaledge had given me the power to save my pack. I began barking as loud as possible in each of the dozing dog's ears. Each one stirred and opened their eyes sleepily, sniffing the air around them. I watched, satisfied when each one of them became alert and scared as they recognised the smell. The bridge had collapsed.

    It was not one of the human bridges, useful only to help you cross water without getting wet, it was a bridge that help each seperate reality apart. Dogs had been given the duty of protecting these bridges and keeping them in order. How?

    The answer lyes in a myth, a legend, the sacred legend of Tor. Tor, a powerful god, turned agaisnt the other gods, the creators of life. He began to use his power over the realities to merge them toghether, creating havoc and death. Rye, the wolf god, emperor of the underworld imprisioned Tor into his underworld where he could reek chaos without harming the innocent.

    Great honour was bestowed apon Rye and Call the god of life granted Rye the power to create a species of his own in one reality. Rye created the wolves, hoping they would protect the bridges and carry on his work. The wolves however were to violent, ruled by instinct. When man bread dogs Rye saw that they were merely tame wolves, perfect for the job, and so Dogs became the bridge gaudians.

    It was now that Pack claw, a wild and tough pack, had been alerted to a broken bridge and I was in it. Buster, our leader, howled, an order to get into formation. Me and Nickie flanked Buster as he took the point of the arrow. As we knew nothing about the bridge, only me and nickie would accompany him.

    We bound through the city, our paws creating the only sound in Seadale. The wind whistled past my ears and blew them behind me. My tongue lolled out of my mouth, letting me taste the cool taste of night, the dry, bitter taste of city smoke and the mouth-watering taste that remained from where the hot-dog stall had been. Now it was night, dogs ruled the city.

    The scent grew stronger as we ran, my nose began to twitch. Soon the scent was as strong as I'd ever smelt. No...the bridge couldn't of fallen already? This question ran circles round my head, taunting me. Nickie who had a weak sense of smell next to me didnt look phased. I tryed to concentrate on the route, trying to remeber which was we'd came so I could get us back.

    I stopped short. The glint of light on the floor that was the spot the next dimension was touching was already being looked at by...Humans?! Buster began growling and Nickie let out a startled yelp. I padded up to where the humans were, intrigued by the smell coming off the opening. I looked down into the glint feeling the eyes of the two middle-height humans (were they called teenagers? I never listened to Nickie and her human talks) staring at my back. I peered into the glint and all to soon realised I was to late.

    The dimension had collapsed into ours, which meant it was already merging, things from that reality could come into ours. But this would all be okay if this was a simple reality where the life forms weren't dangerous or intelligent. I looked for signs to identify the dimension. I let out a shocked yelp. No, this dimension was the dimension that held the imagined, the feared, the creations of humanity and the most terrible of life forms. This reality was the world of dreams.

    I looked up at buster, fear repleacing the shocked mask on my face. This dream was about to become a nightmare.