• How To ‘Rob’ A Bank

    4 Simple steps on how to Rob a bank.

    Are you bored? Maybe need some quick cash? Well there’s a way to get both of those fixed. It will cure your boredom and it will most likely get you a lot of money fast, if you aren’t caught. Here’s a simple way to effectively Rob a bank.

    First you need a bank. Doesn’t matter what kind or the location of it, just any bank.
    Second you need a group of friends or anyone willing to help you Rob a bank, one being named Rob.
    Third you need a way to get to the bank, and a way to get out of there quickly.

    Alright, so you know what you need now, so let’s get back to business. You need to learn how to Rob a bank. Here’s the step-by-step directions on how to Rob a bank.

    1. Go to the bank
    2. Go in with your group, protecting the one named Rob at all cost
    3. Put the one named Rob in the center of the room
    4. Leave the Rob there and make your quick escape

    I know I said earlier that you would make some money by doing this, but I lied. J If you were dumb enough to do this, good for you. I didn’t lie about being cured of your boredom though. Aren’t you happy? *Sees angry mob outside the door* I guess you aren’t happy. Oh well. It was worth a try.