• "MOM!!!!!" I shreiked as I saw my golden retriever Sophia twitching uncontrollably. My mom came around the corner. "Wha- OH MY GOSH!!!" she yelled seeing what was happening. I was staring wide-eyed at Sophia. My knees buckled, and I fell. My head hit the tile floor, and I passed out.
    I woke up what seemed like seconds later, but I knew it must have been at least an hour. My mom was sponging my forehead with a cold cloth. Sophia was laying on the end of my bed. She seemed fine now, but I knew better. I looked around. My mom must have carried me to my room. "Oh sweety! You're awake now!" she said quietly. I could hear the relief in her voice. I nodded. I could feel the throbbing in my head, but I was more worried about Sophia. "Mom we need to take her to the vet!" I said a little urgently, exhastion like a vine in my voice. "I'm sure she just got over-heated, honey," my mom said. I nodded slowly. It had been a hot summer day. It must be hard for Sophia with her thick fur coat. I pet her on the head, and she licked my hand. My mom smiled at me, and left the room. I grabbed my back razor. I texted my friend Addison. Her mom was a vet, and she was really good with animals. My text said: Hey Sophia just had a seizure. crying What should I do? I waited for her reply, just staring at the ceiling. My leg was twitching, and I felt like throwing up. Finally, my phone vibrated. Addison told me what I already knew: That's soo horrible! crying You should take her to the vet! I groaned, and slammed my head in to my pillows not taking time to reply. I remembered when I first got Sophia. She'd been a christmas present from my parents. I was only six years old, but I remember it like it was yesterday...
    "Why don't you open this present now?" my mom said pushing a gold box, with ivory ribbon on it towards me. I nodded, pulled on the edge of the ribbon, smiling as it fell. Then, I pulled the lid off, and a little yellow puppy popped its head out of the box. I picked it up, and cradled it in my arms. It was about the same size as my teddy bear, but alot heavier. I hugged it, and it licked my face. I giggled. Its pink tongue tickled my skin. "I'll name it Sophia!" I said after gazing at it for a little bit. To me everything already had a perfect name... you just had to find out what it was.
    I opened my eyes. Sophia had been such a cute puppy. I pet her head again, and she licked my hand.