• Hi my name is Tiffany and i would like to tell you my story of how I lost my life(well my friends, boyfriend ,and family).
    The date was 2/24/1998 it was my 11th birthday and my I had 2 brothers and 1 little sister .I was going into the 6th grade at Allen Elementary.I was the most popular girl in school there........until a girl named Julianne Rummel came to school .I was so mad cuz she started to get attention from my boyfriend more than I did.I was so mad at her that I walked over to her and punched her in her face.Then all of a sudden she gets up and says that I will rue this day.And then I told her to get back down how she was or i was going to rue her day(by the way i didn't know what rue meant till i asked my mom the next day).So the next day i was walking to school and i saw my boyfriend kissing Julianne.So I walked over and punched Julianne again and slapped my boyfriend in the face and then i kneed him in the nuts.Then Julianne started to cry for no reason.So I started to laugh uncontrollably .Then as I am walking home I hear Julianne's voice and then I wonder what is going on.I walk up to her house and see my boyfriend and her sitting on the bed in her room.I think to myself "Should I stay to watch what happens or should I go home and be totally bored".Then common sense tells me i should stay.I stay there for about fifteen minutes and nothing happens.Then I think to myself "I am kinda being a stalker right now".As I turn to go home I hear Julianne say "Finally that's what i have been waiting for all day."Whats going on" I think.So I look through the window and see Julianne and Tommy(my boyfriend) kissing.Then I say "You have hit the last nerve I got first you hit on him then make me hit him now you kiss him"?You Julianne Rummel are DEAD now!!!!!!