• Sophia jumped down from my bed, and walked to the front door, scratching and whining. My mom let her out. About fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. I got up out of bed where I had been the rest of the day. I glanced at the clock. It was about six o'clock. "Hey Carson," I said when I opened the door. Her face looked pained. "What's wrong?" I asked fear concern coating my voice. "It's Sophia..." she said. My mouth dropped with a pop. "Where is she?" I asked. "In front of my house... in the ditch. I think she having a-" she said. I didn't need to hear the end of the sentence. I ran out the door barefoot. "Tell my mom! Have her call the vet!" I shouted. I ran all the way up to my friend's house. I got there as Sophia just stopped shaking. I kneeled near her on the edge of the road. "Its okay, girl," I said tears starting to roll down my face. I blinked away enough tears so I could see. Then, I helped her up, and started coaxing her back to my house thinking of the many times I had treated her like a baby doll, putting clothes on her, making beds in baskets, wheeling her around in a little baby stroller-the antique kind that's like a basket. I heard a blaring horn, looking up I saw headlights. I shoved Sophia out of the way.

    I woke up in what I guess was a hospital room. "Wha-" I started letting my voice drift. I could feel pain in my leg, when I moved my arm pain shot up it. "Oh honey!" I mom said. I noticed she'd been crying as she stood up, and walked over to the bed I was one. "What happened? Where's Sophia? Is she alright?" I asked. My mom smiled slightly. "You got hit by a car. It broke some of your bones. Scraped you up. You have a huge gash on your forehead..." she trailed off staring into space. "What about Sophia?" I asked urgently. Then, I winced my ribs hurt. "She's okay... I had your father take her to the vet. They're still there. Don't worry about her right now. I'm sure she'll be fine..." she said soothingly. I scowled at her, and then winced again. I could feel the throbbing of my head again. Dad must have came home right after I ran up the street. I thought about Sophia longingly. Please let her be alright, I pleaded in my head praying to the heavens.