• This is a tale that takes place in time far past

    In this time there existed two brothers, one elder and one younger. These brothers had no other family but themselves, and so, they formed a bond between one another that in time became unbreakable. Where one brother would go, so would the other go, and what one brother would do, he never did without the other. Their lives were intertwined so that nothing secret was there ever between them, and no trouble was ever present that they did not tackle together. And they were happy. They each found own lives to live, their own successes. They each found love, and so became proud parents, with happy healthy children. But nary did their loyalty for one another ever falter

    ...And than...came the day that all men of this world face, that the brothers both found themselves calling upon the reaper at his door. Their families mourned around them, but the brothers assured them, saying that at least they had them, and each other. And they said to not mourn, for their lives had been ones without regret and full of great joy.

    And so on that faithful morn, did the brothers two departed for nirvana together.

    The brothers found themselves awaiting the opening of the great gates of paradise at which the found themselves. At first they had been some what confused, when they had appear instantaneously before the gates, and together as they always had. But their confusion was so lost in the joy they felt at knowing that they stood before paradise together, as in life they always had. For what seemed like an eternity did the brothers await at the gates, seeking a sign as to when the mighty gates would open.

    At last the magnificent gates spread open wide, like a pair of great celestial wings, and a figure of radiance and beauty step from the light from the other side. The brothers both fell to their knees in reverence and fear, wondering suddenly at the appearance of this great heavenly figure. But the figure, an angel the brothers both presume together, only smiled and beckoned them to their feet. They each hurried to stand, wanting nary to displease the figure before them. The Angel welcomed them, its voice gently and reassuring like a mother dove's, and apologize most sincerely for making the brothers await out side the gates. The brothers smiled and assured the Angel that it was no brother. At this the Angel smiled and thank them.

    Than the Angel's face grew solemn and for several moments nary a word fell from its graceful lips. Than in an sorrowful tone, The Angel told the brothers that only one of them would past through the gates this day. The brothers stood in shock at this, and after several moments began to weep loudly, and they grasp one another as if the action in itself would change that which had just come from the Angel's mouth. The Angel mourned with them, explaining that the great maker in all his wisdom, pronounce this and there would be no changing of this judgment.

    The brothers wailed and wept till there voices were hoarse, screaming not at the Angel, but at the heavens themselves that had decreed this. After an eternity of weeping, the elder brother look to where the Angel stood. The elder brother said it would be his younger brother that would take the seat in heaven and that he would accept any repercussions afterwards. The younger brother screamed and protested, but the elder brother only shook his head and told him that this is the way that it would be. The younger brother, his heart breaking and bleeding for his brother's sake, held his brother tightly, cursing the very heavens and their folly. The elder brother only held him silently and whispered that everything would be alright.

    After many moments, the elder brother turned his brother toward the angel and the great gates and pushed him forward. The Angel extended its gently arms and wrapped them oh so gently around the younger brother's shoulders. The younger brother watched silently, tears spilling from his eyes in great cascades as he and the Angel slowly moved between and than through the gates. And like a mother enfolding her arms around her children, so did the great gates close, locking the elder brother out. The young brother watch as his brother smiled sorrowful and waved to him from the other side of the great gates, screaming at the top of his lungs for his brother to take care and be happy. After awhile the younger brother no longer heard his brothers cries and all that could be seen was the golden radiance of the gate.

    Many Eternities past...

    It took the younger brother many centuries to accept his new placement. But once he did, ascended through the ranks of the Angels quite quickly and soon stood top as one of the few archangels that held the vast power in heaven. He was happy, happy in the work he did in the paradise, and happy with the other celestials that accompanied him.

    As for his Elder brother..

    He found himself in the pit of the damn, fighting and killing as all the demonic in those accursed do. So he himself found his place as one of the highest ranking daemons in hell. Eternity after eternity, he fought and killed in the pits of that oblivion to retain his status and privilege. And in this he was content.

    Oh the cruel Irony of fate...

    But... ever millennium or two, the brothers, who fate had so cruelly separated and pitted one another against, are granted a tiny bit of mercy and each are allowed to sit at the gates from which separate nirvana and the circles of hell, and they are allowed a brief moment in the eternal struggle to be brothers again. And thus have many souls found themselves pasting by, observing a great daemon and archangel, conserving, laughing, and crying with one another, and have many thought in the realm of death did they lose their sanity. But no, they have not, for though it may be our destines to find ourselves split apart from those we love in the great end that awaits us all, one must never forget them. And though heaven and hell may separate you, nothing can ever break the bond of love and loyalty you share.

    And so if you find yourself pasting, in the great beyond, a daemon and an archangel talking with one another outside the gates of heaven, may you be reminded of this story and the lessons it holds.