• Nearly 15 years after the events surrounding Kai, a terrible new threat has surfaced. The Crucnix’s and The God’s both were nearly wiped out by this threat. Grimmjow and Kira both leaders of their races both went into hiding with the only known survivors of their races. With little to no information on this new threat both were forced to leave their realms and live amongst humans.
    This new threat is something that both races would never have thought to exist. Grimmjow and Kira were both forced to form an alliance between their races. Though still both having their differences both have agreed to leave that for another time and battle the new threat together. Small in numbers they have both been in hiding together 6 months since their realms were attacked.
    The new threat is a group of demons known as Arrancar, or Espada. The Espada are a group of 15 powerful demons known as Arrancar. Arrancar are Vasto Lorde hollow transformed. Arrancar are hollows with broken hollow masks. Most are small and human like. Though there are a few that are big and strong. The Espada are the strongest of all the Arrancar. Though there are over hundreds of Arrancar, The Espada are the most dangerous. They rank from 1 being the strongest to 15 being the weakest. The 1st ranked Espada, Stark, is 2 times stronger then Grimm is full strength. When The Espada are given their ranks they have a choice. Either 1 they can have high-speed regeneration that allows them to heal at extreme rates except for their organs and brain, or they can have extreme strength. Only 2 Espada are known to have high-speed regeneration. 3rd Espada Halibel and 4th Espada Roxas.
    When The Espada attacked, they attacked without warning and they attacked without caution. They left both The Crucnix Realm and The God Realm in ruins, thousands of lives ended without remorse. Though not many survivors are known there are a few familiar faces that survived the brutal attacks on the realms. Though small in numbers, The Espada are like a whole army of hundreds of thousands of soldiers put into 15 beings.
    Within the group of survivors Grimm, Lena, Creed, and Teria are the only known survivors of The Crucnix’s. Kira, Demi (Kira’s younger sister), and Hikachi (Kira’s husband) are the only known survivors of The God’s. The group of survivors are in hiding in Grimm’s place on the outskirts of Karakura Town, Japan. This is where our group begins their story. The year is 2023 and not much has really changed in the human realm besides the fact of The Crucnix’s and The God’s living in hiding and fear around the realm and that of The Espada around the realm looking for any survivors of the attacks on the other 2 realms. Grimm and the others are in the kitchen discussing the matter of finding any other survivors.