• There had never been anything as quiet as this before. Nothing moved here in this wasteland of broken buildings and shattered pavements. An explosion sounded some way off breaking the silence as the bomb broke its suroundings. It felt like a war and it was, a war that had lasted for longer than ever imaginable. A soft humming started from underneath a slab of metal torn out of the building above with chunky fingers. Purple eyes suddenly glowed from the darkness underneath reveiling a ghost of a face.
    D-Cell was awake.
    Pain wraked her mangled armour as she slowly inched out of her metal prison. Her vision blurred slightly as she righted herself. Standing in the flickering lamplight she looked damaged and slightly incomplete, like a part of her was missing. Something was, but it was not something people normaly lost. She could not remember anything at all exept her name, or perhaps part of her name.
    "Who am i?" she wondered aloud. "D...C.e..ll. I am D-Cell... But where is this?" It was a question the answer to she couldent remember. The place felt faintly familiar to her but it was warped, incorect in some way. D-Cell could remember only a searing blue light that throbbed with energy. A new word suddenly popped into her head 'All-Spark', what was an All-Spark? She had no idea what it was and attempted to scratch her head jumping when it gave of a sharp screech.
    She looked down at her hands sharply and saw that they were Blue and made out of a thick metal armour. A feeling of horror grew as she glanced at herself in a broken Window-Plate. Well she was colorful that was for sure. She had a light purple 'Skin' color with eyes a very deep shade of purple. Her chin ended in a sharp point under a thin mouth and nose. She looked decisivly angular and had veins of colour running down parts of her body. She wore large headphones and a sort of helmet with cat-ear points, it was also a deep creamy blue. She had black shoulderpads that looked like miniature wings and a chest plate that seemed to be made out of blue glass. She had long purple gloves with blue fingers tapered to dangerous points and knee high blue boots. D-Cell also apeared to be wearing black short-shorts.
    "What exactly am i?" she asked aloud and somethiing fell from the grey skys straight at her. She turned sharply and suddenly whipped her hands up to her face seconds before the bomb exploded. She crashed through the remaining glass plating and staight through the last remaining wall. It really hurt and it took a while to get back up again. D-Cells eyes were wide with shock as she watched the remains of the building collapse loudly. The noise stung her ears and she hurredly covered them backing up slowly and tripping over something or other.
    She tumbled over and over panic setting in. She yelped in shock as she suddenly seemed to be tumbling through a metal hallway. She stopped flat on her back and staring up at a riveted ceiling. It all seemed very dark but was no scaryer to D-Cell than the stuff outside. She thought it a good idea however to be careful, she did not know what was in here after all.
    "This is scary." she thought to herself "So why exactly do i feel like i'm smiling." in fact she was smiling, A bizare smile that was probably acosiated with histeria. A grating noise made her freeze for a few scant seconds but then her body sort of moved on its own. Her body whipped around and crouched slightly. D-Cell was rather alarmed she had put no consious thought into actualy move so had she done it unconciously. This managed to prove a point however, even if her mind didnt remember what had happened in D-Cells past her body did.
    "Ooh nooo." she thought "Im scaring myself!" She almost screamed out when a hand grabbed her from behind and yanked her around.
    "What are YOU doing here." a cold voice said from about a meter above her head. She chose not to reply and instead began the effort of not letting her mouth fall open. "How did someone like You get in here anyway?" the enfecis he was putting on the you's dod not bode very well.
    "I fell down a hole." D-Cell said truthfully as lying would brobably not be a good idea. The Disembodied voice snorted and began walking further into the place carrying D-Cell like a toy. D-Cell didn't argue however and just let him get on with it.
    ((time jump))
    "What on Cybertron is a post-protoform like this doing on here?" One robot said exaperatedly.
    "How the spark should we know Cyclonus?" another one said in a southern accent. they were both rather large but not as large as their boss. He towered over everyone here, exept perhaps the big bulky one arguing heatedly with someone with large purple eyes who apeared to be called Swindle. The person who had carried her was sulking in a corner after getting yelled at by his boss. He was called Starscream and D-Cell liked him slightly even if he was a weirdo who lived in a starship in the bottom of a hole.
    "Do you even know who we are?" A female voice said from behind D-Cell making her jump slightly.
    "Nope." was the answer, and it set the Cyclonus guy giggling. The bulky one leaned over and hit him sharply on the head making a loud clang that hurt D-Cells sensors. They would be very interesting to watch but the boss was mad at this as it started a 'small?' fist-fight.
    "Enough!" he shouted making everyone freeze, he walked forward slowly and stared very hard at D-Cell making her Armour crawl. "We cannot let you leave and there is no point in killing you we shall see how useful you are later ..." He paused.
    "D-Cell." she supplied jumping of the table silently and looking up at everyone. She was around the same size as Ransack and he knew it. She smiled darkly This was going to be fun.