• If you are reading this, and you are safe, then there is still time. Then you still have reason to live, and time to live it in. The dangers have not reached you yet.
    It starts with a black dot. And then, an hour later, that dot is a claw. Give it another hour and that claw is attached to a foot, which is attached to a leg. By then, it is already too late. Their rate of growth doubles with each cell. Early on, we studied them, thinking we could control them, thinking we were safe. But after that one cell is formed, you are ********. There is no outrunning it. These things made our leopards extinct. There is no out flying them. These things made appetizers out of the pigeons, crows, eagles, and hawks of the world. There is no hiding from them. They will find you no matter how high or how low you go. There is no killing them. They will eat your bullets like fresh baked caked. They will take your stabs and punches like the soft caressing of a lover's skin. They will flock to a nuclear explosion just to lather in the heat and radiation as if it was a special treat, a day at the spa.
    Nobody knows where they came from. That is the greatest mystery of all. Are they extraterrestrial? Did they come from Mars or Venus or Jupiter's dissipating rings? How did they get here? And why did they come? But what if they originated here? A mutation? They are humanoid, with attributes similar to a dozen different species on Earth. Well, that used to be on Earth. Their attack was first witnessed by a lab attendant. She escaped with her head only by initiating a full nuclear lock down of the building. The metal doors that shut the first few in lasted just long enough for her to find someone and warn them. Then all hell broke out. But, after that incident, it spread to every lab and then to every hospital in the world. So, secret government experiment gone wrong can be ruled out. But, then, what really did happen? Why is this happening? Why am I dead, along with the rest of my race?