• In the Universe, in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Solar System, on Earth, in North America, in the US, in California, in the Bay Area, in Alameda County, in Castro Valley there was a boy named Malefent. He attended CVHS and he loved it. The only thing he didn’t love was the traffic.
    “There’s too much traffic.” He would say. Then one day, he almost ran over a girl. There was a younger boy with her. She was on the ground.
    “Oh my gosh! I hit her, I hit her! Ah! Is she alive? Oh no! I don’t want her to die! I don’t want to go to jail! Ah—“
    “You know she’s not dead.” The boy said. “She’s not even hurt.”
    “Yeah, why you even freaking out, dude?” The girl stood up and brushed herself off. She wore a dark purple shirt and some bright neon green jeans. Her hair was short and red. Malefent thought she was really pretty.
    “You’re Vilae from my history class!” Malefent remembered.
    “And you’re Malefent, the moron who nearly ran me over. Not to mention petrified my little bro which I dearly love!” She said rudely and walked off with a spacing out brother.
    “Wait! The least I can do is give you a ride.” Malefent ran after them.
    “Right. After you shocked us all? No.”
    He ran in front of them and smiled.
    “Fine.” She gave in and got in the car. The little brother, whose name was Walter, got in the back and found all sorts of paper, from sandpaper to parchment.
    “What’s with all the paper?” He asked and fashioned paper airplanes of all shapes and sizes. The tiniest was about three centimeters and the biggest was three feet. They got to their destination.
    “Wow! You one lean-mean-paper-air-plane-making-machine!” Malefent got the tiniest one and threw it. “Wow, and they actually—“
    Then the paper airplane turned huge and swept them off their feet. Soon enough they were fifty feet up in the air. They were amazed by the sights and sounds. Then they started falling.
    “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” they screamed in unison. All except Walter.
    “Crazy high schoolers.” He jeered. It was silent as they fell into a museum. They landed in front of a pointillism picture of a bird. For some reason, Malefent was amazed.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Vilae said.
    “It seems to me that he’s captivated by the pointillism picture.” Walter observed.
    “Now I know what I want to do for the rest of my life.” Malefent said.
    “An artist?”
    “A picture?”
    “No, a ventriloquist.”
    “What?” Vilae and Walter said in unison.
    “I want to be a ventriloquist. Is it that hard to understand?”
    “Yes” Walter said automatically and started to wander.
    “Don’t go too far, Walter. You’re very odd, Malefent.” Vilae said and ran after her brother. Then it was silent. Malefent started to panic.
    “Guys?” He shouted into the air. “Vilae? Walter?” Then a scream appeared out of nowhere.
    “Guys?” he ran and found a shape on the ground on the floor. “Vilae?”
    It was Vilae all right, but it wasn’t her. She used to always wear purple and green and nothing else. She hated dresses yet she wore a long, black dress. Her short, red hair was long, sleek and black. She awoke with a start.
    “Malefent!”She shouted.
    “I’m right here, Vilae.”
    “No! Malefent you moron!” She was angry. “How dare you touch me? And why did you change my style, it was awesome before! Right?” the last word was a question.
    “I swear to you, Vilae. I did not touch you.” Malefent looked into her eyes. They were not the same moss green he remembered. Her new eyes were a deep, deep violet that you could swear it was black. This saddened Malefent. “It’s a transformation!”
    “Of course it is.” Walter made them both jump. “A transformation that you did, you scoundrel. You and your invisible hands.”
    And it was true. Malefent looked at his hands and saw that they were invisible. “Are these… Am I…?” he trailed off.
    “Yes, you might as well be a superhero.” Walter admitted with shame.
    “No that can’t be true…it can’t!”
    “Ha! If Malefent was a superhero, he could move those two doors just pointing at them. I bet you that! Plus he could fix my style which has been ruined!” Vilae jeered.
    “Ok.” Malefent simply stated and pointed at the doors. They didn’t budge. Vilae laughed.
    “See, I told yo—“She stopped abruptly as the doors swung open. They moved passed them and found a tiny shoe.
    “Wow.” Malefent said.
    “Wow.” Vilae said.
    “Pa-lease! This shoe’s for a number two pencil!” Walter jeered and extracted a #2 pencil from his pocket. He picked up the shoe with the pencil and it fit perfectly.
    “Wow.” Malefent and Vilae said but Walter was pointing at something else with the shoe pencil.
    “The periodic table of elements.” Malefent confirmed.
    “We can see that, idiot. What we can’t see is some of the elements. Most of them are missing.” Vilae was still ireful.
    “I know what’s missing! The Pythagorean Theorem!” Walter exclaimed.
    “Walter, dear…” Vilae started.
    “The Pythagorean Theorem. A squared plus B squared equals C squared. For any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs equals the squares of the length of the hypotenuse.” Malefent spoke like a robot. Vilae and Walter were truly dumbfounded.
    “That’s it!” Walter was the first one to get out of the trance. “The missing element is the element of surprise!”
    “That’s not an element Walter.” Vilae said.
    “Yeah it is! Look!” And it was true. There was a new element. Element number 113, symbol Sur. “And through some research, I found out that Malefent is not a superhero.”
    “Ha! Told you!”
    “Actually, it was a combination of salt, sulfur, sulfate, and soda. It made your hands invisible. You must have touched it somewhere.”
    “So I’m not a superhero?” Malefent was disappointed.
    “Nope, sad to say. The best you can do is wash your hands.” So Malefent left saddened.

    “Look Malefent, a postcard from Walter! ‘Hello my good sister, Vilae and brother-in-law, Malefent. How are you? How’s your ventriloquist doing, Malefent? I watched one of your shows on Pay-Per View last night. It was fascinating. Well I’m all right here in Converse Academy. My researching has led to a new finding. C squared equals B squared plus A squared. How are you, Vilae? Is my nephew expected soon? Well goodbye for now! Walter.’ Isn’t that nice, Malefent?”
    “It sure is.” Joe the puppet responded for Malefent.