• Naruto's POV

    I loved him...and still do. Ever since he created me I loved everything about him. His flawless pale skin, those mesmerising dark eyes, his raven hair that spiked in the back, everything. But...even though I love him so much, he can never return those feelings back, even if I were able to tell him my feelings. Because after all... I'm just a puppet.

    I remember when he had drawn my eyes... All I saw were those eyes...those dark eyes that just hypnotised me.

    "I drew your eyes a nice shade of blue..."

    When I heard his voice for the first time, I thought I would turn to ashes, because his voice was so warm and rich... I loved it. I watched, since that's all I could ever do, as he began to make shape of my arms, my hands, my legs, my whole body. His fingers were so gentle and so skilled when he'd made my fingers, toes and lips. I felt like I would fall apart right there and then when he brushed his finger tips on my small lips. I smiled, since that was the way he had carved my lips, as he took his time painting me with a nice tan color, being especially careful around my eyes.

    "I don't want to ruin those clear blue eyes...." He had said. "They came out just how I wanted them to be..."

    I was glad that my eyes were just how he wanted them, and I found myself praying as well, so he wouldn't slip and ruin them. Not because they were one of the prettiest eyes ever drawn, but because he might throw me away for accidentally ruining me... But thankfully, he didn't mess up... He had smiled warmly at me as he held me in his hands, those dark eyes sparkling like I've never seen them sparkle before.

    "Now we just need to give you clothes and hair..." he had said with a laugh, and I merely smiled on. But to my dismay, he put me in a box. Yes the box was made of glass, and I could see what was happening around me, but that meant he wouldn't hold me for a while...and he didn't...for a long while. Actually he left...and I didn't know where. Time had passed, and I didn't know how long it was before he came through the door again, with a bag in his hand. All I knew was that I had been happy to see him, and would have jumped in joy if I could. It turned out, he had went out to buy stuff to make my clothes and hair. From my glass case I had watched him work, woving this bright orange and blue cloth into a shirt, and a pair of pants. Then I had watched him handle this golden material, I had thought would be my hair. After he finished, he had taken me out of my case and got to work, puting on my clothes, and that golden material on my head. But instead of saying he was done, he stared at me with a thoughful look before he suddenly grabbed a paintbrush, dipped it in black ink, and drew something on my face. That was then, when he had smiled at me again...

    "Perfect..." he said and put me in front of a mirror. I saw myself for the first time... I had golden hair, tanned skin, amazing clear blue eyes, a bright smile...and three whisker marks on each of my cheek. "You look perfect.... Naruto."