• Preface;
    As I lay crouched on hands and knees preparing for the eternal darkness that is death, I thought what I'll be leaving, when this is done - My family, my friends, my loved ones It was not only my human friends I thought of, but also, my new ones, but most of all Leah and Conner. They were with me through all of this. Many thoughts coaresed through my head, such as; 'Even if I lived and returned to earth, I'd be an outcast', or 'This is my time, I've got to deal with it!' But most of all, "When you reality is your dream, does that dream become a nightmare?'

    Chapter 1 First words
    Hi, my name is Andrew, I'm not the strongest, or the fastest, I don't do any competitve sports, and sometimes I'm as stubborn as a mule, but you couldn't ask for a better friend. I have great friends, their all so kind, thats why I'm always sad when I think about what I lost when I moved. I just recently moved to caledon, and although I have great friends here, none are as great as my older friends. I'm 11 years of age, I love ghost storys, and myths. I admit, I'm a bookworm, I read alot, but thats good, in my opinion atleast, I've always loved steel wepondry, but I've always doubted I'd ever wield any

    Boy, was I ever wrong.

    Chapter 2 The dream

    It seemed like a normal day, I've lived in caledon for a year now, and I've started to settle in, only awhile ago. It was a warm day, I walked outside and heard the birds chirping. I looked at the pond that lie next to my house and decided I'd go for a swim later today. But now, I had to go to school. I walked to the driveway and waited for my bus...

    School was normal, nothing special happened. As I stepped outside the bus, I shivered, This is not what the wheather man forcasted! So much for a nice swim! I sighed and walked inside. Night fell hours later, and I prepared for bed. I jumped onto my bed and carelessly pulled the covers over myself and fell asleep.

    "Welcome" I heard a gentle voice say as I slowly opened my eyes. "To my world."

    Chapter 3 Confusion

    My eyes blinked open. I turned around and there was a large sunbeam I put my hands on my forehead to shade my eyes. The Beam slowly faded and there started form a figure. First I saw two large, feathery wings, Which is what really suprised me, then a person, taller then any adult I know started to be visible, Exept for the wings, she looked like a female priest with blond hair down to her elbows, Her eyes were blue and sincere, she looked like a steryotipical image of an angel.

    "Wh-where am I?" I asked 'Its just a dream, its just a dream' I assured Myself. But when I looked around, everything looked all to real. "Its not a dream, is it...?" I asked, dissapointed "No young one, it isn't" The angel said. I sighed "Of course it isn't..." "My name is Feiore, goddes of fiora." "Fiora, is that some new city, country state, or whatever? And wait, Goddess I thought that was all some mythicle mumbo jumbo...." "No, young Andrew-" "Wait how do you know my name" This, was getting frustrating "I know many things" 'Oh great, shes a mind reader now. Wait, if shes a mind reader.... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!' This was less frustrating now, more confusing. "Yeah, if you don't mind, I'm gonna wake up now...!" "Wait!" Feiore yelled "My world needs a hero, and you, Andrew, are, that hero!" "Wha-wha-me?!?!? No no no no no there most be thousands, no millions of better candidates, why me!" "Not only you, but these two as well" Two images apeered, both I reconised. "Those are leah and conner..." I said. Leah and conner were two of my best friends. "Yes, now it is time for you to open your eyes" She said, and in a burst of light - she was gone. My eyes blinked open and I screamed.

    Chapter 4 New world

    Right above me stood a lion. Its mostly black-haired mane was ruffled with grey hair. Its fur was golden with some dark-brown streaks. Out of instinct, I rolled to the side, grabbed a hunting knife that was on the ground and lunged foreward, but the lion was to fast, it jumped to the side me down with a growl. Then it hit me - Stood?!?!? This wasn't a lion, unless lions can now stand on two legs and wield swords. I stared at it in shock so much, I forgot I was holding a knife and dropped it - my only defense - gone - I was doomed - or so I thought. The lion-man saw I was un-armed and sheathed his sword. "Your not a shadow knight." It growled in a deep voice "What? You can talk, and a shawho wha?" This was all confusing "Where exactly are we?" "Shadow forest, Rebbellion territory, Fiora." He said. I looked up, everything was dark, it took me a minute to comprehend, but then I realized a meteor was hurling straight for me!