“Brittney! Briiiitttnnnneeeeyyyyy!” Someone pounded on the bathroom door. “Hurry up! I need to peeeeee!!!” Someone, probably Sidney, wailed from outside the bathroom door.
    “Hold it then.” I yelled back. I tied my red bandana around my forehead, pulling my black hair over it.
    “I’m going to wet my pants!” She yelled, starting to cry. Little kids have that ability, act all innocent and cute, crying and such. So annoying.
    I sighed and stepped out “Go.” I growled.
    Shed sped in and closed the door, and I heard the lock click. I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. “ I’m out of here.” I yelled as I pounded down the stairs.
    “Britt, don’t you want any breakfast?” My foster sister, Mandy, asked me as I came down the stairs.
    “No, like I’ve said all the time you’ve known me, and don’t call me Britt.” I sped out the door, ignoring her remark.
    I picked up my bike and hopped on. Yes, unlike most 15 and 16 year-olds I didn’t drive, pathetic I know, we didn’t even own a family car, anyways. I’m surprised we have a TV.
    I got to school and locked up my bike, I saw my friends sitting on the steps, Heather was smoking, as usual. “Your late.” She smirked, blowing smoke out of her nose.
    “Yeah, Sidney pulled all my papers out of my backpack and got into my clothes again, you are so lucky you’re an only child Fay.” I said, addressing my other friend who had just came out of the school.
    “Ch. It just means your parents wanna know you’re schedule like you carry around a day planner.”
    “Pfft. My parents are never home, and I’m pretty much an only child.” We laughed at Heather’s remark.
    Her parents were pretty screwed up, her dad was doing time, and her mom was a drug dealer. As long as she didn’t interfere with any of her sales, her mom let her and her older brother, Keith, do whatever.
    I twirled my ring around on my finger, staring out into space. I wondered what it would be like to have Heather or Fay’s life. Have your parents always wanting to know what you were doing, or not really there at all. Heck, I wondered what it was like to have real parents on a regular basis.
    My family was pretty crapped up as well, my dad had killed himself after robbing a convenient store with a buddy. After he figured out that they knew where he was, he chose the stupidest way out. My mom had died of fever shortly after I was born, so I didn’t really have a good relationship with any of my parents.
    After my dad… went... I was shipped off to a foster home, which is where I’m at now. My ‘family’ was Sidney, age 6, Mandy, age 17 ½, and me, of age 15, 16 in a few weeks. My foster mom was an alcoholic, and was usually acting stupid or screaming at us. My foster dad was abusive. I know it sounds weird to say, but while my mom screamed at us, he was usually shaking us or hitting.
    Lucky little Sidney didn’t get this kind of abuse because “she didn’t know any better” It was mostly Mandy and I.
    It actually makes you wonder how people like this get to be foster parents. I mean, should have someone known that Missy was the town drunk? And that Ben had quite the temper? It’s stupid
    “Earth to Britt. Earth to Mars, Earth to Mars, do you read me?” Heather asked, waving her hand in front of my face.
    “Oh, sorry I kind of spaced, what’d you say?” I asked, snapping back to attention.
    “I asked if you wanted to ditch today. There’s this collage party up north, that is if your little bike can take it.” She laughed, dropping her cigarette and smashing it with the heel of her boot.
    “Sure, you in Fay?” I asked, turning to her.
    “’Course. I didn’t get my report done anyways.” She shrugged standing up.
    “We had a report due?” Heather asked, pulling out her cell phone.
    “You would know if you paid any attention Heather, good gracious. So who’s all coming?” I asked, rolling my eyes at Heather.
    “Looks like…. Matt and..” She groaned.
    “Who?” Fay and I asked at the same time, leaning in to see the text, and then we both groaned. “Are you serious? Why is Kevin coming?”
    Kevin was nice enough, but not really the kind of person you want to be hanging with. He’s slightly nerdy and, even though he’s in some sports, weak.
    “Probably ‘cause he’ll turn us into the principal or something.” Fay said, snapping her gum.
    “Who cares if we get sent to the principal?” Heather shrugged, pocketing her phone. “I mean seriously, at least we’re not doling out dope like half the kids in the screwed up town.”
    “I care, crud if I get in trouble one more time, I’m mincemeat.” I said, starting to rethink this whole thing. “Maybe we shouldn’t skip. I mean, what if her turns us in anyways?” I asked, biting on my lip.
    “He won’t if he knows what’s good for him.” Heather snarled, cracking her knuckles.
    “Shush, here he comes.” Fay said, waving us to be quiet as Matt, Kevin, and Tim came out.
    “Hey hey Timmy my boy. Joining the part-ay?” I laughed, but I was actually surprised he was coming. Tim wasn’t a big partygoer during the school hours, just because that’s usually when cops are busting.
    “Are we going to sit here or go?” Matt asked, draping his arm around Heather’s shoulders. They were a total couple.
    “Go, of course. I’ve got my keys, unless you’d like to drive Britt.” She asked, dangling her keys in the air, laughing.
    “Oh just come on.” I said, shoving her playfully and heading towards her car.
    Tim caught up with me. He was one of the only people who knew, and cared, about my little problems. “You sure you’re not going to get caught? You can always go back.” He suggested.
    I shook my head. “I don’t care if I get caught, Ben and Missy won’t do anything with other people around.” I shrugged. “So they can come all they want.”
    “No. I meant by the cops.” Tim said, shaking his black hair out of his eyes. “You will get in serious trouble then. I’ll be driving, so if you want to go back, just tell me okay?”
    “You don’t need to look out for me Tim, alright? I’ll be fine.” I said, actually astounded that he made the offer.
    “I worry about you.” He whispered, turning and heading towards his own car.
    Heather, Fay, and I got in Heather’s car. “I see love blossoming there bay-bay.” Heather laughed, pulling out of the parking lot.
    “Yeah, I soooo saw a kiss coming there.” Fay said from the back seat, laughing.
    “Oh shut up, we’re just friends. Just because you and Matt are all together doesn’t mean that I have to be with Tim. He’s nice, but he’s not my type.”
    “Oh yeah,” Heather said, rolling her eyes. “Let’s go with that. Even though they look almost exact, he’s not her type.”
    “Oh come on!” Fay laughed.
    “He probably doesn’t even like me!”
    “Oh yeah, and this car doesn’t have four wheels.” Fay snorted. “He digs you chick!”
    I cranked up the radio, drowning them out
    “Addmitance!” Heather yelled over the radio, laughing. She high-fived Fay and they shared a wink. I just shook my head at my crazy friends.