• Tears are swelling up in my eye,
    sorry mom, dad,
    guess this is good bye.
    Laying still as a rock,
    I've kept everything in my heart lock.
    Now I don't have a chance to say I love you,
    and how you guys are the best too.
    Only if I've listen to your word,
    I wouldn't been here like a featherless bird.
    It's bad to drink and drive!
    Driving as night like a bunch of bees working in their hive,
    I regretted what I did tonight,
    now everyone is helping me fight,
    hurry up and get well,
    but in my head is full of ding donging bell,
    it seems strongest at the gold bar gate.
    I'm sorry everyone, but this is fate.
    Now I'm in a coffin asleep.
    Don't cry over a dead boy!
    I don't like it when I'm treated like a broken toy.
    All I wanted was to make everyone proud,
    and to shout that I am the best out loud.
    I guess it's too late now, goodbye my loved ones, it's over for me now.