• I stare onto the plains of my kingdom, in despair. There was nothing left, no hope, no defence. Our only defence was rushed so fast without warning it had perished before it could fair a fight. I was the only one left in the castle, I told my most trusted royal attendant to flee, to take everyone that was alive and save themselves.

    I knew what the enemy was after and I was prepared to activate the final defence to save everything we fought for in the past and for the future. As I took one last look on my kingdom I knew this would be my last time to see it, however from all the pillaging that had taken place I wish it could have been at another time.

    As I stared at the once glorious plains of Leruira, they were now covered in the blood of the innocents, of the defenders. Broken instruments of war and stains of red scattered all over the once green field, there was so much bloodshed that river that flowed east of the hills and that connected to my moat had run red. This surrounded my castle brushing up against my stone walls washing them red as a victory flag for our attackers.

    The once small town of Leruira, so quiet and peaceful was now a rotting burning mess. Roofs had been ripped apart on houses that were boarded up inside, windows and walls smashed apart, even one house collapsed on its self since the foundation was ripped apart by these monsters.

    They carried out pillaging with no mercy, my villiagers,my people, helpless and horrified calling for help that could never come to them, while being dragged away to their impending doom.

    The smoke that was emitting from my city was so thick, the rest of my kingdom was now covered, covered in this blanket of war. I had to snap myself out of grief from what was ruined and reminded myself to activate this final defence what was called the final call.

    I leave my balcony and start to walk out of my room towards my main throne room. As I turn out of my room down into the short corridor, I hastefully took the main set of spiralling stone stairs, that had small windows and candles gently lighting up the stairwell. As I reach the bottom I could hear fighting, I knew this is where I needed to be. I push open the single hardwood door to hear the sounds of my final Guardian fighting.

    <To be Contuined>