• Sarah-Lee Ellenia

    “ Sarah, did you know your last name should be Ellenia ? “ Sakura asks me one Saturday morning

    “ Really ? “

    Maylin nods. “ All Ellenia’s last names are to be Ellenia even if their father’s last name is not Ellenia. “

    “ Sakura-Lee Ellenia. “ I say to myself out loud.

    “ I like it. “ Sakura says

    “ Same “ Maylin agrees.

    “ It has a nice ring to it. “ I say agreeing

    Sakurra gets up. “ If we don’t leave like right now we will be late. “

    A few minutes later I slide into my seat in Mrs. Elliot’s class.

    “ Sarah where were you at breakfast ? “ Sabrina asks

    “ My room. Why ? “

    “ We never see you outside of class anymore. “ Melody says

    “ Sorry. I’ve been busy. “

    “ With what ? “ Melody asks

    “ Japanese stuff. “ I say because this way I’m not lying.

    “ Oh. I still can’t believe it is almost time to March break. “ Sabrina says,

    “ Me either. “ I agree

    March break is just around the corner. For the first time since September I’m going home. I’m quite excited to see my dad again. Also my cat Snowball probably misses my terribly because my dad won’t touch her. Snowball is a pure white Persian. My dad got her for me for my tenth birthday. I’d always wanted a cat so he decided to get me one. I was really happy.

    “ So what are you doing for march break ? “ Melody asks

    “ I’m going home. “

    “ For the first time since September right ? “ Sabrina asks

    I nod.

    “ That’s cool I guess. “ Melody says “ I’m going to my grandmother’s “

    “ That should be fun. “ I say

    “ No. It’s actually going to be really boring like always. “ She replies

    “ Oh that sucks. How about you Sabrina. “

    “ Going to my dad’s “

    “ Oh have fun. “

    “ I will. I only see him three times a year but he’s awesome. “ Sabrina says.

    “ Well I hope you have fun then. “ I say

    “ Thanks. “