• Huff, huff, huff. Can't...... Tap, tap tap. Stop........ I run into a fork in the maze. Left....or Right?! It doesn't matter! I charge to the right and hit a dead end. I try to run back but something stops me. "Mother!!!!" I yelled into the distance. "Fierra! Fierra!" I hear mother's voice yell back. " Mother!!" I screamed. I start getting tugged away from the invisible force that separated me from my mother. I claw the ground forcing me to stay there. A brown tiger appeared suddenly with a tail tip a beautiful shade of jade green and shaped as a Leaf. I stare at her as she gives me a terrified look. I've never seen or met that strange tiger, and from the look in her bright green eyes, she would have ran away. But she didn't. She ran into the invisible wall and started screaming my name. The a green aura glowed around her and rocks cracked the wall. But it was too late. One of her rocks hit my head and i fell...... Down into the darkness where i saw the worst things i could've seen. I screamed. Then a burst of light dispelled off the terrible nightmares. A white tiger with bleach blue eyes and angel wings started running towards me. She pranced down and gave me a lick on my head. My reddish fur on my head stood up. I looked at her and wondered. Some how, she felt the closest to me besides Mother. We snuggled until she spoke to me. "Fierra" her tender, loving voice said.
    "yes?" I answered.
    "promise me you'll be strong for me and your father."
    "my father?"
    She nodded to me.
    "Wait. Are you leaving?" I started standing up.
    "Shhh...." She calmed me back down "Don't worry. We'll meet again someday. I promise that.".
    "Who are you?" I asked so eagerly.
    She frowned."You'll learn the truth someday....But not now.."
    "You're too young and happy. I don't want that to spoil your life."
    We stood up. She had a Motherly look on her beautiful, White face as she stared into my cheerful, luminecent eyes
    "Shawnia....Shawnia....." a voice from the sky said as beautiful as the white tiger. She looked up. "Time to go, Shawnia......" Her motherly look went to a worried look. For the last time, she licked my forehead and said to me " be strong.....". Her image started fading away as her words echoed in my head....."Be strong, Be strong..........Fierra!".
    “Why don’t you just kill me,” was the last thing the young tiger Fierra thought before going unconscious.