• 1. The Changing

    Long ago in a place far away from here there was a kingdom known as Moutia. Moutia was a peaceful kingdom never started any wars or fights with other kingdoms in the land. It was ruled by the Rison family. Generation after generation the Rison family ruled the land. Each generation had one boy that always inherited the throne when his father died. That was all changed with last generation of the Rison family.

    The queen lay in the hospital wing of the humongous castle. She was about give birth to her first and only child. The rule of the kingdom was that the queen and king of Moutia were only allowed to have one child and one child only. That was made that way so that other families would have a chance of ruling the kingdom. Suddenly there was one scream than nothing.

    The king nervously paced the hall of the hospital wing waiting to hold his son in his arms. The nurse walked out with a small little bundle wrapped up in her arms. “Congratulations sir, you are now officially a father” The nurse smiled. She knew the king was not going to be happy. The nurse hand the king the little bundle. The king looked down to soon realize his worst nightmares had come true. He was holding the first daughter ever born in history of the Rison family.