• The silence is deafening in the ancient temple where both Jane and Knuckles the Echidna wait for Sonic the Hedgehog to arrive. Feeling awkward, Jane decides to break the terrible lack of noise with a conversation before one of them falls asleep. "You really didn't have to stay here ya'know...You could've just gone with 'em."

    "And leave you here alone to get in trouble again?" He responds irritated.

    "Hey! That was a one-time thing! I don't need your protection! I can handle things myself!"

    “And the fact that we found you in a coffin, wrapped up like a mummy, doesn't say otherwise?"

    "Exactly! Even though I still have a bad cough from all that dust." She coughs out a cloud of old temple dust and clears her throat. Knuckles groans exasperatedly, he just wants her to leave him alone and let him live in peace. Of course that’s a request that she can’t fulfill, she would much rather talk to an echidna then sit in silence. It reminds her a little too much of her past perplexity of being left for dead in the ancient temple. She shivers, that ordeal is now known as her own worst fear, and remembering it is like her own wakeup call to break away from the la-la land that she once called life.
    On the other side of the coin, this temple is a big disappointment for Knuckles, he came here to find a chaos emerald, but instead he found a helpless girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And now she’s getting on his nerves, he’d love to leave her to fend for herself, but this temple is too dangerous for someone who has no idea what they’re doing. One wrong step and the entire place could turn into a huge, ancient trap, putting everyone’s lives in peril. He stands silent, staring into space; his attention is on his thoughts until, “So...” Jane continues to keep the conversation from dying. “What’re you doing here in a temple like this?” Knuckles doesn’t respond, so she tries another question. “Do you...uh...are you looking for something?” Still no response, but Jane’s determined to get some talk going. “Helloooo?...S’matter are you part of a wax museum now?”

    "BE QUIET!!!” He yells in her general direction, making her ears hurt. She sticks her finger in her ear and gives him a look, as if he cared.

    “Well, it speaks.” She says.

    “And it can also punch your lights out” He exclaims as he lifts his fist, “if you don’t shut up!”

    “But why? Why don’t you want to talk?”

    “Because I don’t!”

    “Well that’s not a very solid excuse.”

    “Since when did I need to give you excuses?! I’m not talking to you and that’s final!”

    “Fine! Be that way grumpy britches, but when you start getting bored and lonely, don’t come crying to me!!!” She crosses her arms and pouts in the dark spaces of the temple room. They both have their backs to each other not willing to see what the other is doing. They’ve also both made up their minds that they dislike the other, but Jane could never really be able to hold a grudge for that long.