• I snapped out a kick to the chest which would have caved in a human's chest, but only knocked Raiden's breath away. Frustrated, I whirled my kitanas and lifted him into the air by the force. Then I threw the bladed fans at him, and grinned as the blades sliced through him like a knife through butter. He dropped onto his back, coughing. I walked over to him and put a foot on his chest.
    "Give up, Raiden?" I purred.
    "Over my cold, dead body, Kitana!" Raiden growled. I jumped off of him. He got up and his eyes lit up. Lightning sparked from his fingertips. He raised his hands. Before he could give me a K.O. Spark, I gave my kitanas one final, hard throw. They knocked him down and he got up and was holding his head, stumbling.
    "Finish him," our boss growled over the P.A.
    I grew recharged, throwing four kitanas, then jumping onto his neck and snapping it. I got off and the medics came to revive him.
    "Well done, Luna, point to you. That's fifty-eight wins," our instructor said. Kitana was just my codename.
    Let me explain:
    We are trainees, and sparring(as you just read) is common, and racks up our skill points. I have fifty-eight wins and two losses, and six draws. On top of this, we have middle school. I'm a twelve years old, and the rest of the combat trainees are in their twenties and maybe thirties. I can beat most of them. Pretty impressive. Even our instructor was shocked when we had a draw. There is: Me(Kitana), Raiden, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Baraka, Liu Kang, Sonya, Catwoman, Deathstroke. Catwoman is the other twelve year old, and we have the biggest rivalry. Only in training. In reality, me and Tiff are besties.
    I walked into the first day of sixth grade, feeling an ominous dread. This'll bewaydifferent than elementary, I thought with a cringe. What if Jake's there?!
    But as soon as I plopped down in homeroom next to Jenny, my dread went away.
    "Rough morning?" She asked, somewhat cheerfully.
    "Don't ask, for God's sakes don't ask," I muttered.
    "Worried about Jake?" Alice leaned over and asked. I shugged in that endearing way I have. Alice leaned back and muttered something that sounded like, "Thought so..." I pressed my lips together in a straight line. Tiffany basically exploded into class, a minute before the first bell rang. She sat in front of me. I texted her secretly. It read: You okay, Tiff?
    Praying her cell was at least on vibrate, I tapped send. I heard a distinct buzz, followed by Tiff snapping open her Crazr. My iPhone buzzed. The reply was: Yeah. Locker jammed up like hell. Couldn't even budge the handle. Got my combo code right too! D< -Tiff.
    It's okay, mine does that all the time, Tiff. And don't worry about your schedule. We got basically the same classes, except you have art when I'm headed to science. But you got most of your scedule memorized, right? -Luna.
    Luna! You must have bees in your brain! It's only the first day; Why would I have it memorized?! -Tiff.
    D< No need to snap, Tiff! Just trying to help. And anyway, I have mine in my pocket, so just look at mine. And maybe I can unjam your locker on the way to first period. -Luna.
    Thanks, Luna. You're a great help. -Tiff.
    I try! Now lets stop. Talking is worse than texting, but not in Ms. Yadlosky's class! -Luna.
    Ms. Yadlosky, a twenty-three year old skinny brunette stalked in, her brown eyes raking the class. The first period bell rang, and me and Tiff slipped downstairs before she could tell us to stop texting.
    "That was close!" Tiff hissed. I managed to punch her locker after I put in the combo code, and it opened with a huge groan. She snatched her schedule and we raced to first period.
    TO BE CONTINUED...........