• Okay, before I tell you about any characters there are some things I need to explain (in case your confused.)
    A bodyguard is a person or group of people who professionally protect someone (Known as their principal) from personal assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of cofidential information, or other threats. A bodyguard can also be called a close-protection officer.
    1-Name: Atsuki Ota Info: A blind girl that is able to see chi. Even though she's blind, she can fight very well.She's very perky and hardly opens her eyes (mostly when fighting) Specialty: Seeing chi Rank: A Weapons: Upper body, Chi shield/barrier Organization: Guard
    -Name: Kentaro Info: Kazu's (former) trainer. He's one of Guards best. He joined Gueard when he was seventeen Specialty: Chi barrier/shiel Organization: Guard Rank: S
    -Upper Body Users: Kazu, Atsuki. Koichi, Aiko, ? (I havent come up with a name for this guy) Effect: Uses the hands, head, etc. to attack an opponent or object
    -Lower Body Users: Kazu, Aiko Effect: Uses the legs, feet, etc. to attack an opponent or object
    That's as much as I can put without spoiling the rest of the story for you.