• " Hey! You, in the back! No, not you! Her!" A voice shouted from the front of the room. Most likely the subbing teacher. Slowly, the girl sat up from her desk and stared at the woman from under her hair. The woman glared back.
    " Get up here! And stay after class!" She ordered, pointing to her desk in the right corner of the room just as the bell rang. The girl sighed and walked over to the desk, ignoring the shoves and snickers of classmates as they struggled out of the room. Sitting in the teacher's desk, she put her feet on the desk and put her hand in her backpack until she found a News-boy style cap, putting it on and pulling it over her eyes.
    " Alright, what's your name?" The woman spat, hitting the bottom of the girl's shoes, which were still somewhat wet from the snow outside.
    " Shira." The girl muttered, pushing her hat up so she could see clearly. The woman nodded and looked her name up on the class list, then began lecturing her about how she needed to be more respectful to a sub, and about not sleeping in class.
    Five minutes later, Shira simply gathered her things and walked out of the room, ignoring the protests of the woman. Fishing inside of her pockets, she pulled out a small MP3 player and pulled headphones out of her backpack, plugging them in and putting them around her neck, seeing as they were the old fashoned kind instead of the newer versions. She looked down at the ground as she walked out of the school, again ignoring protests coming from adults randomly scattered through out the school. She sighed as she stared at her attire. A black zip-up sports jacket, a plain black shirt underneath, dark blue denim jeans and a pair of white K-Swiss.
    " Stupid brother's right. I wear too much black... What am I saying? It's just a color." Shira muttered as she looked around her, putting the headphones fully over her ears, blasting any band she could find that she was in the mood to listen to. It was cloudy, and the snow crunching under her feet was enough to drive her insane. It was late November in Colorado, and she was already sick of winter. Eventually making it to her brother's apartment complex, she opened the door and threw her stuff onto the couch. Opening the curtains that covered the window, she sadly looked over the empty parking lot.
    " Well, might as well get used to it. He won't be back till day after tomorrow." Shira muttered as she walked into the kitchen. Thanksgiving break started tomorrow, so she decided to take a few extra hours off.
    " Now if only he had some decient food in this place..." She muttered as she opened and closed the cupbords. She heard a beeping noise from another room, and realized it was from her room. Walking in, she forgot all about her cell phone. Flipping it open, she realized she had a text from her brother:
    Hey, had to leave the meeting early, will be home around ten tonight. Don't answer the door for anyone and don't touch the phone unless I am calling you.
    - Trition.
    (Hey, don't forget to finish your homework. I have a surprise for you when I get home.)
    Was what it read.
    " Yeah, okay." She muttered, putting the message in the folder labeled " Brother" and fliping the phone shut, walking back to the living room.