• I was late for my meeting… again. But I knew what they were discussing today, every year they chose one employee to fire from lack of progress or anything else they didn’t like. I knew that I was on the top of their boot list, either I make a miracle or have to get a job as a janitor trying to invent new waxing solutions, at least that’s what they told me! I finally arrived at the conference room,
    “Today we are going to see how well Dr. Thinsky’s Thinifying Thintabs really work.”
    Wrong room. Once I finally made it to the correct conference room Mr. Biggs (he was explaining the lack of progress and other things he didn’t like).
    “I am ashamed at all the lack of progress and other stuff I don’t like that has been going on here,” see what I mean? “Dr. Mono you are late, for a good reason I hope. Because if you don’t start making miracles you’ll have to get a job as a janitor trying to invent new waxing solutions!!!” His face was redder than the lines that pop up when I misspelled Thinskys Thinifying Thintabs. But humor alone couldn’t help, I had to think quickly.
    “Oh um sorry Mr. Cut Cheese oh I mean Mr. Biggs Cheese I was…on a breakthrough for a new invention.” I stuttered.
    “What does it do?” he implored
    “Oh well um it uh… it’s a surprise.” There was an awkward silence.
    “Well make it good,” He said with a smile as I nearly passed out from the suspense. “ So everyone lets try not to get lazy it’s a new year and people need new inventions. That concludes this meeting.” He said as he stood up and left to his office. I waited for him to close the door.
    “A breakthrough?! I should have said traffic!”
    “Did you say something?” Mr. Biggs Cheese said with his door open, it was that moment I decided to take a trip to the roof from being surprised by Mr. Biggs Cheese’s sudden appearance.

    I passed by the conference room to tell Mr. Biggs Cheese the truth when suddenly something caught my eye on a table in the conference room; it was a folder of some sort it had a blueprint in it for a super suit…I was a little excited,
    “WWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I looked at the name: Dr. Lagarto. That was the top scientist in the building though no one paid any attention to him. This was my chance to keep my job; all I had to do was build it, then present it. It was the perfect chance to save my job!

    I arrived at my house and immediately started constructing my model. With not a trace of guilt in the pit of my stomach I began to build the prototype, but before I knew it I collapsed with exhaustion.

    After a good nights sleep I woke up to find a baby gorilla right in my face.
    “Ooh ooh!”
    “WHHHHAAAAA!!!!!” I screamed. I was confused but I remembered every year I had to spend 3 months with my Uncle Joe’s molecularly altered pet gorilla (It doesn’t change sizes when it ages). But that wasn’t the half of it, somehow he was wearing the super suit!
    “Hey there Max how’re you? That’s a nice suit you got for lil’ Niño. Thanks a bunch!”
    “Um but uh.”
    “Well I’m off now. Bye Niño I’ll miss you.” I was in shock, the monkey was in my suit, and my job depended on presenting it to Mr. Biggs Cheese on Monday. Oh well at least the monkey was gone out the window…
    “OH MY GOSH!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I ran outside to look for the monkey but I couldn’t find it, but I saw it flying back around my house.
    “Where were you?!” the monkey instantly pointed to the TV I turned it on and it was the news.
    “Seconds ago a robbery was interrupted in seconds from the time it started! No one knows what it was but we got this photo from a traffic camera, and it looks like a gorilla! This looks like you when you forgot to shave for a month right Bob?” I turned it off then looked at the gorilla, it was posing like a super hero.
    “Niño did you do this?” He nodded. “Wow this is crazy. Can you try to keep this suit hidden?” The gorilla saluted like a soldier in the army. I would at least have the weekend safe.

    It was Monday and Niño was waiting patiently in the car as I took the suit to work and present it to Mr. Biggs Cheese.
    “Dr. Mono this better be good”
    “It will be.” I said as I signaled Niño out from the window. He instantly flew up to present the suit, I thought that he squeaked a little Tah-Dah in there for good measure.
    “Wonderful…what is it?”
    “A super suit, well at least the model.”
    “Why is a gorilla wearing it?”
    “He kinda put it on when I was asleep and it wont come off, that’s the side effects of the model. But just think people happily flying around like a bird feeling the wind in their hair.“
    “What about bald people?”
    “Bald people won’t feel wind in their hair they don’t have any.”
    “That is beside the point, I mean it will feel nice to fly around and we won’t have to pay for gas or anything.”
    “Thank you.
    “How did you think of it?”
    “Ummm… it just came to me.”
    “Alright you stay in the biz. Now lets see…ah…yes that means Dr. Lagarto is losing the job.” Right when he said that my stomach dropped to the ground. It was his idea and I stole it all because I was trying to save my job and now he’s getting fired. What have I done? I didn’t know it but that was just the beginning.

    I forgot about Dr, Lagarto being fired because of me and went to take Niño to see a movie… then we were kicked out but then I just took him to the park. Niño was running around when suddenly a lizard attacked Niño.
    “Good Kwaad.” I heard from behind a tree.
    “Dr. Lagarto!”
    “Call me Doug… actually no Mr. Lagarto after you stole my plans and got me fired.”
    “How do you know if I did that or not?”
    “Well yesterday I went to show Mr. Biggs Cheese my idea for a super suit but he said I was ‘laid off’ but I insisted to show him my idea and when I did he called me a thief and told me that was your idea.”
    “But if I stole your idea and blueprints, how did you make it?”
    “Backup plans, but anyways now Kwaad, in the TRUE super suit, will destroy you and your monkey!” I saw Niño getting angry probably from being called a “monkey” (monkeys have tails so Niño isn’t really a monkey he’s an ape). He immediately charged for the evil lizard with a strong fist. It was an epic battle: primate vs. reptile. Finally Niño made the final hit and the lizard fell to Mr. Lagarto’s feet.
    “KWAAD!!!” he shouted, as his little lizard started to lose consciousness. “Activate the super power capability!” The lizard suddenly started growing till he looked like a duplicate of Godzilla. I saw Niño’s eyes growing to the size of the moon in fear.
    “ Don’t you have one too, Niño?!” I said, but the monkey nervously shook his head. “THINK OF SOMETHING PLEASE!!!” I screamed, and immediately Niño was gone. He gave up on me and ran away. I looked up to see Kwaadzilla about to squash me with his giant foot, I was going to take the fall for my mistakes in just a minute. Suddenly a blur sped by and stopped under the giant foot. It was Niño! With a half eaten banana in his mouth. “THIS ISN’T THE TIME FOR EATING BANANAS!!!!” I said as I ran away from the foot and saw Niño spit out the banana peel and speed out from under the foot. It came hurdling down and landed right on the banana peel. “BRILLIANT!” I cheered as the giant lizard started slipping on the banana peel and fell onto it’s back. Kwaadzilla was defeated.
    “KKKWWWWAAAAAADDDDD!!!!!!” Doug… I mean Mr. Lagarto was bawling over his unconscious lizard.
    “I’m sorry it had to come to this.” I apologized.
    “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!” He screamed, the words rang in my head after that and I noticed he was right. Suddenly Niño started screeching in triumph and flew off probably for a victory lap. A few seconds later there was an explosion and I noticed it was Niño on a rampage it seems the power of the suit is driving him (Pun alert) banana’s.
    “NIÑO! STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!” I shouted, then The ape looked at me and charged toward me and landed in front of me trying to calm down.
    “Good boy now don’t do that ever again.” I said to Niño in authority. Suddenly he lunged at me with his paws. It was over; I had killed myself although not by my hands but my greed built up to it. As I floated in the darkness I closed my eyes and thought over and over again that it was my fault, I brought this upon myself. If I had another chance I would change my past but it was too late. I opened my eyes to find myself safely at home in my bed with the plans in my hand. Had I forgotten to build it and I fallen asleep? I went to my living room to find Niño in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat.
    “Hey there Max how’re you? That’s a nice suit you got lil’ Niño. Thanks a bunch! Well I’m off now. Bye Niño I’ll miss you.” It was my uncle again, I thought he came earlier and I forgot I got Niño an outfit. I had to hurry to tell Mr. Biggs Cheese some news. I got to work and he was in a conference again.
    “Mr. Biggs Cheese… I Quit!” the room gasped, I was quitting and they knew how much I wanted to keep my job, but I showed them differently.

    A couple weeks later I saw Dr. Lagarto and his lizard [that was really named Ontzagwekkend (wow I spelled it right!)] on TV with their super suit invention, and things were better than before, I now have a job as a science technology teacher in a college that’s well known, it’s even a better pay. But I couldn’t help wondering if I could invent a new super suit for Niño.

    What are these strange names?

    Niño means kid in Spanish
    Mono is monkey in Spanish
    Lagarto is lizard in Spanish
    Kwaad is evil in Danish
    Ontzagwekkend is awesome in Danish