• The black misty night.
    I couldnt see much out of the square small window.
    A BANG.
    A CRASH.
    After that i didnt hear much.
    complete silence.
    There was me still looking out of the small window.
    I screamed.
    Suddenly a misterious unknown face poped out infront of the window.
    I jumped back.
    "HONEY!!!!!!!! TIME TO GO TO BED!!!!!!"
    All night long laying there thoughts running through my head about....
    Who was that? Was it the killer? Was i just halusanating?
    No i couldnt be ---------
    My opening door broke off my thoughts.
    I was insisting that the person opening the door was one of my parents.
    Just my luck turned out to be my dad coming home late from work.
    "Just wanted to say night sport"
    He walked out the door and shut it behind him.
    Thoughts came through my head right when that door creeped shut.
    Finally it was morning.
    I walked out my door and there he was.
    My dad.
    Or should i say.....
    THE KILLER..........

    ( To be continued....)