• Warning: The following contains sexual content. If you do not like, homosexuality, slash, yaoi, Batman or Ironman. STOP READING NOW.

    Thank you.

    Bruce woke to a throbbing head and the strange, slightly blurry sight of Tony Stark hovering over him. A blush crossed the young man’s cheeks when he saw how close they were.
    The sedatives were wearing off but they left him drowsy and a bit confused.
    Tony began to move back, which cause the vigilante to panic. Quickly, Bruce grabbed the man’s hand and weakly pulled his large body closer to his own. The young man’s brown eyes showed his fear.
    “…please…don’t leave me…t-tony…” he begged softly. Young Bruce was on the verge of tears, his near death experience left him in a broken and vulnerable state.
    Bruce’s grip was strong, but his hands were trembling and cold, like the rest of his pale body.
    The black haired man stared at this man. Tony was set back by Bruce’s actions.
    He felt his heart break, and not his mechanical one. He squeezed the young man’s hand and smiled, “I won’t…I promise.”
    Bruce sighed and laid back relieved.

    It was a bit of a saddening sight, this hero, a vigilante whose very name instills fear into the hearts of criminals. Batman, Gotham’s savior was now too afraid to be alone. Death had stared him right in the eyes and he couldn’t remember any of it.

    It pained Tony to see Bruce this way. He pulled his chair closer to the bed and the young man.
    Bruce’s soft, glossy eyes stared at the dim blue light emanating from Tony’s shirt. He reached out with his bandaged, free hand and gently tapped the surface, the sound muffled a bit.
    It soothed him. It was silly, but he remembered the light being so much brighter in his dark hazed vision. It was so comforting and pretty, giving him something to focus on, diverting his mind from the pain that seemed to engulf his body.
    Bruce’s eyes left the light and looked up at Tony, staring into his dark eyes as he tried to speak, “t-tony? C-come closer…”
    When Tony complied a small smile crossed the vigilante’s lips. His hand moved from the man’s muscular chest to his stubble covered cheek. Gently he dragged his fingers over the rough and prickly surface.

    Regardless of the slight drugged looking Bruce’s eyes, Tony couldn’t help himself.
    He took the other’s wrist in his free hand, kissing the fingers lightly.
    The brown haired young man gasped at the suddenness of Tony’s actions. His cheeks became tinged with a light blush as a slow trail of kisses was made down his hand.
    “T-Tony…what are you doing?”
    The slightly older man smiled softly. He leaned in close to Bruce’s face; staring him in the eyes.
    Without replying to the man’s question, Tony kissed the vigilante’s lips tenderly. He could taste blood on them, mixed with a faint chalky taste.
    He pulled away slightly. He put Bruce’s hand back on his cheek and smiled more.

    Tony didn’t expect the weakened man to react in such a way as he did.
    Bruce pulled the bearded man’s face back down to his by his neck and started another kiss. He had no idea why he felt this way, or why Tony even kissed him to begin with; but Bruce didn’t care.
    The black haired Stark grazed his tongue against Bruce’s lips, beckoning him to allow the kiss to deepen.
    He felt the same surge of warmth he had gotten from his first kiss with Bruce. And that one was little. This, made his body react in a way he couldn’t help.
    It clicked something on in both men.

    Blood quickly rushed down to Bruce’s lower body. He blushed when he felt it, the loose hospital gown doing nothing to hide his ‘thunder’.
    He unlocked his fingers from Tony’s hand and practically yanked the man closer by his shirt.
    Tony smirked when his hand grazed the raised bed sheet.
    His lips gently kissed down Bruce’s neck, nipping in spots until he found one that made the man squirm and whimper. His ‘sweet spot’ as Tony sometimes called the sensitive area.
    The man began to lick and bite, forcing Bruce to bite down on his lip in order not to moan.
    This didn’t please Tony at all. He bit harder, sinking his teeth into the soft flesh.
    “a-aah~” Bruce let out a light moan. He gripped tighter to Tony’s neck; pressing the man closer.
    He gasped as a hand began to slid down his hospital gown and gently over the various stitches, bandages and bruises that currently and invisible decorated his muscular body.

    Tony gently fingered Bruce’s erection, teasing the man slightly.
    He slowly stroked the head, already dripping with precum. Bruce’s moans and whimpers made him grasp the man’s length.
    The black haired playboy knew Bruce wouldn’t last long in his weakened and aroused state, so he got to work; going in a slow rhythm at first, up and down Bruce’s shaft.
    “ugh… To-Tony~”
    Bruce groaned. Tony continued to lick and bite on Bruce’s neck, leaving red spots and bite marks.
    Tony pulled down the man’s hospital gown some, eyeing his toned chest and pecs, the stitches, and bruises. He couldn’t control himself.

    “GOD DAMN IT!!” Bruce screamed, causing several people outside the hospital room to look up.
    Tony looked up mischievously as he bit a rather large bruise on Bruce’s chest. The pain seemed to react well at the time with the young man; his length growing harder in Tony’s hand as he picked up the pace. “Ssh-Ssh Bruce~ We don’t want people coming in do we?” Tony whispered. He lightly kissed the bite mark, slowly calming Bruce.

    A light knock caused Bruce’s closed eyes to open quickly.
    “Mister Wayne? Are you alright in there?” A young sounding nurse asked.
    Bruce panicked and shook his head, “Ny-nyaa…E-everything’s f-fINE!”
    His voice cracked with a squeeze of Tony’s hand.
    The man moaned, he couldn’t help it. Every move and bite pushed him closer and closer to the edge.

    “Ugh G-God~ ooh yes~!!”
    The vigilante’s fingers dug into Tony’s neck. His body trembled as his climax hit him hard.
    He ejaculated into Tony’s hand and on the underside of the bed sheet; panting a little hard. The brown haired man let out a sigh before falling back onto the bed, his hair falling slightly into his eyes. He smiled a bit as his eyes closed once more.
    The action had left his already weak body spent. It took more out of him than it normally would have. A thin sheen of sweat covered his forehead as he licked a little bit of drool from his lips.
    He felt the man’s hand leave him, still keeping his eyes closed though.
    “I’m going to wash up right quick alright? So in case someone decides to just come in…” Tony spoke softly so only Bruce would hear.
    The man waved his hand from the bed, silently shooing him.
    “Sure sure….” Bruce muttered.

    Tony exited the bathroom, moments before a young, sprightly looking blonde haired nurse walked into the room.
    She bumped into Tony and gasped, her hands on his muscular chest, “Oh my~ Excuse me mister…”
    Bruce cast a glare of hatred in her direction as she flirted with the black haired man.
    Tony raised a brow. He grabbed her wrists gently and set them off of him, “That’s quite alright. But please…don’t touch me. You might damage my heart.”
    The blonde girl cocked her head, but realized who the ‘mister’ was when he tapped the contraption in his chest.
    “Oh my GOD! You’re Tony Stark! Omg Mr. Stark! I am sooo sorry!!” she blushed brightly, backed up and giggled. “I had NO idea that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark were friends! That’s so cool!”

    Tony and Bruce exchanged glances.
    Bruce chuckled softly, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”