• tab The sun was setting although the sky was growing no darker as bombs were falling, fires lit upon houses, and headlights from cargo trucks all filled the night. Hitler lay stunned on the floor in his glorious abode, begging for his life as a large being approached him. Horns slightly protruding from the side of his temples as his body was somewhat maroon in colour. His blonde hair covered over his deep, green eyes but did not curtain a chiseled look and a malicious grin. As he towered above Adolf, he was soon shot with a magnum but the bullet crumbled against his skin, but aside from that, it angered this monstrous being. He turned to the door, revealing scars among scars across his chest and walked to the man who had shot him, instantly killing him with a slight flick of the wrist and snapping the man's neck vertebrae. Hitler made a mad dash and escaped out the window, jumping into a previously prepared getaway truck that one of his soldiers had pulled from the base. The soldier floored the pedal and took off toward the dirt road that led through the woods. As they passed gnarled branches, and twisted trees they were soon stopped, rather, they crashed into something, injuring Hitler and cracking open his head and knocking out the driver, putting him into a mild coma. There, Hitler gazed upon a being more terrifying than the one before, but before he could even scream or plead, his body was buried by a large fist, thus ending Hitler's life. The first figure from before entered the scene from the night sky. He placed his hand upon the demon's shoulder and began to speak softly and nonchalantly as he watched the soldier suffer in a deep dream that was brought on by the coma.
    tab "Have you had any word on our brother Sethrodis? Any at all, Alabast?"
    tab "None, Datrius. I am sure our seekers will soon find him before he can do anything though. After all, it's twenty to one, how hard could it be to stop a fallen angel?" In the meantime of these words being spoken, Sethrodis was already killing off the seekers, his specialized guns piercing through their demonic flesh, not to mention the rapier he brought with him from the fiery abyss. He hacked, slashed, and shot his way out of what most would call a sticky situation. Bullet shells lined the ground from where he shot as well with the bodies of the one's who were to kill him. Such a turn of events would normally call for celebration, but not for Sethrodis, he had other ideas in mind, something along the lines of becoming an angel once again by redeeming himself and repenting from past sins. He simply walked back to the American bases, amongst the welcoming, chit-chatting soldiers, and he sat down to drink a small amount of whiskey before reloading his guns and sharpening his blade. The war was one thing, but the demons, they were not a thing, rather a priority.