• boy called the girl on cellphone(not saying names)and said:Where were you?you werent at school?
    girl:im...not feeling well
    boy:well when are you coming back?
    girl:i promise i'll be there tommorow
    boy:alright hope you get better
    The girl did not go to school.
    Boy talking to his friend:Hey have you seen _____ around?
    Friend:No I didnt see her.Why?
    Boy: ohhh....it's nothing
    Later that night the boy called the girl
    boy:Where were you?Are you okay?
    girl:Yeah it's just...........*girl sounds like she's been crying*
    boy:*sounding worried*Where are you?Are you okay?
    Girl:Would you die for me?
    Boy:Yes*sounds more worried*
    Girl:Would you take a bullet for me?
    Boy: Of course! whats wrong?!?!?!
    girl:.....i think we need to break up
    She hanged up on the despaired boy and cryed herself to sleep
    At school the friend was talking to the boy
    Boy:Have you seen ______ around?
    Friend:No but i know she's at a hospital.
    Friend:Room 13
    Boy:how do you know?
    Friend:*gives him a phone number*heres thier number
    Later that night the boy called the hospital
    Boy:exsuse me but is _____ ______ staying there
    Recpitionist:Yes her room is number 13 visting hours are 5-7p.m
    Boy:I just want to talk to her!
    Recptionist:Im sorry but you have to vist her.She can't talk on the phone now
    Tommorow the boy visted the girl and see's her in bed looking very sick
    Boy:_____?Is that you?Why are you here?
    Girl:_____?What are you doing here?
    Boy:I asked first
    Girl:*chuckles*just like you to say that
    Boy:______What are you doing here?
    Girl:.............I have cancer
    The recipitionist came in for visting hours are over.The boy was depressed and didn't contact the girl again.
    A couple weeks later they released the girl,but she died 2 weeks later.
    At school the boy talked to his friend.
    Friend: Did you hear about ____?
    Boy:No what?*he looked nervous*
    Friend:She died.
    Friend:*Looks scared*S-she d-died two days a-ago
    The boy ran away some where.They found him in an abonded warehouse with a bullet through his heart.There was a note by the gun.
    Dear ____,
    I told you I would take a bullet for you.
    I love you with all my heart
    XOXOXOXOXOLove with all my heart,____

    The boy was buried next to the girl and lived happily together in the afterlife.