• The couple lifted their heads to the sky as rain started to fall from above. Their eyes were closed, and their skin soaked in the fierce rain. There was poor visibility, and no one was around anyhow. They both began to fade and flicker in and out of existence. The rain started to howl with the wind and a faint humming was heard around the small secluded suburb. The couple still sat, their hands intertwined, their shoulder pressing up against each other. They were distorted in the grey rain and the woman began to sing. The humming quieted and her flighty airy voice flitted in and out of the houses. People started to peer from their curtains as the beautiful voice echoed in their minds. They had to hear more.

    The man then began to sing softly in a taunting baritone. The woman’s voice was projected higher and even more hypnotizing. Families emerged from their sheltered houses and they stood on their porches, swaying to the duet of sorts. Their eyes were glazed over in a white creamy veil. Their minds were blank. As the singing continued they got closer and closer to the rain couple, who were still not wholly in our dimension. Their faces were always flickering, giving them a terrifying ghostly ambiance. Though the people clustered towards them, needing to absorb the noise.

    The rain started to lessen, and with it, the rain couples figures. They were dissolving into the air, but with them, was the families. Mothers and fathers were slowly melting into the air and wind. Teenagers and toddlers who had stepped into the musical rain were already gone, their beings lifting rapidly. As the last drop of rain fell and splattered on the sidewalks, the people were entirely gone. The houses were left just as they were before, little tricycles sprawled in manicured lawns. The rain couple was gone with the rain, leaving behind a faint humming in the air.