• It was Halloween night, and i was on my way ro meet my friends at the old haunted house on the hill. it was late. As i neared the old house, i could see my friends standing on the porch. I called to them, but they uddenly dissappeared....

    ....I called after them; I ran to the porch where they where previously standing. “You guys?” I called “Stop trying to scare me! It’s not going to work!” I was a lot more worried now, usually if I confronted them, they would stop. But this time was different. I thought to myself “Perhaps if I find them, and scare them first…”
    I looked around for where they could be hiding and that’s when I saw the door, like I never saw it before. I took note of al of its features; it was extremely dark brown with a crack in the lower right corner, with a huge dulled gold knocker. There were cobwebs and dust all around the door and on it. But there were areas with no dust, that’s where my friends were standing. I looked at those areas of no dust with a bad feeling in my Stomach, like I knew something bad was about to happen, but I wanted to proceed anyways. So
    I walked up the cobble stone path to the door, and just to be funny, I wrote in the dust
    “Hi! I’m going to die now! Buh-bye!” I tried the door knob, but it was locked, so I turned around and tapped my chin lightly and spoke to myself “Where could they have gone?” meanwhile the door was opening behind me, quietly and slowly, but surely opening. When I finally heard the door creek a bit, I turned around and saw it opening. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could feel a cold breeze on my face and arms.
    After my eyes were totally adjusted, I slowly walked inside. I looked around the room but didn’t see anything but an old, dumpy couch. I wanted to move my legs, but strangely, I couldn’t. I stood there, only moving my eyes for a few minutes, when finally, I got the will power to go into the den. The lighting was different, it seemed more….eerie. I could see three things dangling from the ceiling, but I was not sure what they were. I slowly and cautiously waked over to them, and slowly reached out and touched it. I gasped, it felt like human flesh.
    I ran back to the doorway and searched for a light switch. I found one, finally! I flipped the switch and turned around so quickly I almost fell over. What I saw was horrifying, my three best friends, bound to the ceiling fan, by their hands. i could now hear their muffled screams, their mouths filled with cotton and cloth. I ran over to them and ripped out the cloth and cotton and helped them down from the ceiling. “How the heck did you get up there?” I asked, looking at their relieved yet sacred faces; first, Sam spoke “someone! Something! I don’t know what or who, but all-of-a-sudden, we were tied to the ceiling and we started screaming but I guess…you couldn’t hear us…” her voice trailed off as she looked around the room.
    Then, brandy spoke, her voice shuddered, “it was a man, but he didn’t look like a man. It was so scary…maybe we should get outta here…”she looked at the staircase that leaded up-stairs, then Sammy spoke again, “no, we should confront him, whoever this,” she used her hands as quotation marks, “’man,’ and kill him before kills anyone else.” She proceeded to the stairs, walking wit pride, “coming?” she asked us, continuing to walk, but merely turning her head. Brandy and I looked at her and then each other; we spoke in unison, because we love adventure, no matter how dangerous or scary. “SURE!” We quietly caught up with Brandy and walked up the stairs.
    There were three rooms, a one in three chance we could be killed,
    “Where should we go?” I asked, Brandy answered by walking the door to her far right. “Come on, then!” she whispered, just in case. Brandy opened the door and switched the light on, revealing a dead man of the floor. We gasped, but didn’t think much of it and walked away. We haven’t spoken of it since, and we never will; because that night, Brandy and Sammy got murdered. It has been fifteen years now, and I’m all alone.