• From princesses and love, to war and gore, these are the things I dream about. That I've dreamt about since I was a little girl. But I soon found out why. As I grew older I became smarter and smarter. Sadly it wasn't used often. Often I was not even found at home. When I was of only three I visited the woods. Twisted tales of horror and gore were made up to keep children away. But I was a curious child. Sneaking out of my home was not the hardest part in my plan. What made it so hard was that I was a runt. Reaching desperately for toys was one of many minor disadvantages. Going into the outside world the rain poured down upon my small body. Sniffling with chills I was about to leave for home once again. But then it hit me. Literally. A small rock hit my back. Turning to the bushes I saw them move. Seeing them stop I grew even more curious. Running into the bushes I found nothing. I continued through the rain and thick branches until my little body told me it was time to rest. Falling asleep on the damp ground I curled into a small ball for warmth.

    I woke dray. The sun shown faintly through the towering, leafy trees. My long hair lay damp and straight down my back. Looking at my surroundings I noticed that they were not the same as they once were. Blinking eyes now full of tears I began to panic. The hot tears ran over my cheeks for my mother and father to save me. They didn't come. How far away from home was I? Wiping old tears away for new ones I say with a small quivering lip. Lost with no clue where home was. That's when things started looking up for me. She came out to me with a gentle smile but strong arms. Lifting me off the ground she kissed my forehead smiling. I was entranced. she was the figure I had always seen as a mother. Why was she here? She then showed me something that would never leave my mind. Magic. Making whole meadows bloom with beautiful color. Growing a whole tree within only seconds. It was so amazing. We both found out that it was the only thing that truly made me happy. Made me smile. A man soon arived with an almost confused look placed on his face. Staring at him I gasped at his height. Awkward silence made the moment even more breath taking. He finally broke the tension with a smile causing a domino effect. They fed me and clothed me until they finally showed me home. Waving goodbye to the being who had guide me, I ran for home.

    The years flew by quicker than I had hoped. I kept deep thoughts in the back of my mind about the beings. I again searched for them. Bit I didn't find them. I couldn't find the same spot. I'd thought I'd lost them. But for some reason, I never gave up. Something told me they weren't gone. I just needed to find them. I only wish I knew where to find them. Though one day that would all change.