• Prologue: Deathly Beginnings
    “Death Strike!” A huge wave of energy shot up at a few huge demon-like creatures in the sky. The one who had used the attack was a woman by the age of 25 and had a body length blade in her right hand. She was panting heavily and her hair was in front of her face. Sweat dripped from her nose and she had a high level of spiritual pressure. She had black hair with silver streaks all over her hair and she had a passionate pink color to her eyes. She was nearly 5 foot 8 inches tall as well. She was wearing a pair of black tight jeans and was wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket on. She had a gold necklace with a weird symbol on it and she had a small 3 on the right side of her neck. She looked up to see hundreds of these demon-like creatures coming towards her she put her arms in a cross in front of her face and closed her eyes. She heard a huge explosion and then saw that all the creatures were gone. She looked to the source of the explosion and saw a young man with a blade around his waist and his hands in his pockets. He was wearing white boots, with white pants and a black shirt. He was also wearing a long jacket that was white and at the bottom was cut in a half oval on the backside. The jacket only went down to his waist on his front side and went down to his shins on the backside. He had a golden necklace with the same symbol as the woman’s and had a small 2 on the left side of his neck.
    “Lena! Where are Mom and Dad?” The man asked looking at the woman named Lena. He was 25, the same age as the woman, and he was 6’2”. He had silver hair with black streaks all over his hair and had dark purple eyes. “Over there fighting off these things. What are these things brother?” He shook his head and then began to walk towards where Lena had pointed. “Whatever these things are they seem rather pissed off at us.” He yawned and then took his hands out of his pockets motioning for Lena to follow. “Come on, Mom and Dad could use our help I sense an enormous spiritual pressure near them.” Lena nodded putting her blade on her back and began running alongside her brother towards their mom and dad. “Aden, what if these things are hollows? Like our uncle?” Aden shook his head and then looked over at his sister. “They aren’t hollow… They don’t have broken bone masks. Though they do have holes on there bodies they don’t have broken bone…” “They are hollow… Just because they don’t have broken bone masks doesn’t mean they aren’t hollow. If you haven’t noticed they have full bone masks.” An older looking gentleman appeared with a broken bone mask across his entire mouth, jaw, neck, and the beginning to his chest. He was wearing the normal attire that Crucnix’s wore and had a sword around his waist. He had jet-black hair and had elegant crimson colored eyes. “Uncle Creed!” Lena smiled as he appeared in front of them with his hands in his pockets looking at the area Grimm and Demi were fighting in. “Where did these hollow come from? I thought mom and dad took care of them 26 years ago.” Creed asked his uncle who just shook his head sighing. “I don’t know. I thought I had killed them all off after your father took care of Lucaria but I guess I didn’t. Man Grimm is gonna be pissed off at me…” Creed shrugged his shoulders and then yawned drawing his blade. “Scream, Shikari…” Creed released his zanpaktou and then flash stepped to the middle of the circle of hollows surrounding Grimm and Demi. “Obscura Cero!” The huge black cero wiped out half of the remaining hollows that had surrounded them and then the rest left leaving part of the city in ruins and Grimm, Demi, and Creed standing. Lena and Aden ran to where their mom, dad, and uncle were standing.
    “Mom! Dad! You alright?” Lena asked as her and Aden stopped running. She bent down panting heavily as Grimm was just glaring at Creed and Demi was staring at Grimm. She looked at her 2 kids who were bending down catching their breath and standing with his hands in his pockets and looking away. “Yeah were fine…” She smiled at them and then looked at Creed who was backing away some as Grimm was still glaring at him. “Why was there hollow here Creed? I thought that you killed the rest of them off in Hueco Mundo!” Grimm grabbed Creed by the collar of his jacket as Creed returned to his normal form. “I’m sorry Grimm! I thought that I had taken care of them all…” Grimm punched Creed in the face and then turned around walking away from Creed. “Whatever… it seems that these ******** Hollow’s are being reborn or something… Oh well, I don’t want another war to happen. I am getting too old for this stuff…” “Hun you are only 256 years old. Creed is much older than you…” Demi cut Grimm off and then walked to him and stopped him from walking away. “Demi, I am pretty sure we got rid of all the hollow except for Creed since he is family but… They have returned somehow and frankly it’s a bit bothersome!” Creed was on his hands and knees with his hair covering his face. He stood up his spiritual pressure quickly rising. “You’re right we did get rid of them Grimm, but you forgot 1 thing…” Grimm turned around and as he did Creed sent an Obscura Cero at him. Grimm moved out of the way but was hit along the right side of his torso.
    Smoke and dust filled the area where Grimm, Creed, Demi, Aden, and Lena were. Creed was standing straight up with his right arm up his index finger pointing towards Grimm. He was looking down at the ground with his hair covering his face. Grimm was flying through the air with a line of blood coming from his mouth. Demi was looking in horror at the site of Creed attacking his own brother. The whole right side of Grimm’s torso was completely obliterated. Grimm hit the ground with force and as he hit the ground he rolled a few times hitting the side of a building. Demi began to run to Grimm the same look of horror and shock on her face. Creed saw her doing this and he flash stepped in front of her and thrusted his arm through her stomach. His hand was sticking out her back and Demi had a huge look of shock on her face. “MOM!” Lena screamed at the top of her lungs as she stood up and drew her blade. She flash stepped above Creed swinging her sword down at him. As she did so though Creed held his left hand up and shot a cero at her. “Lena! GETSUGA TENSHOU!” Aden swung his blade around a huge wave of dark energy flying towards Creed. Creed threw Demi in front of the blast and then flash stepped behind Aden kicking him in the back of the head. “I am 0 Espada, Creed Disuke Diskence… I have been bringing them back to life with the help of somebody that came to Hueco Mundo a few years back… You might recognize her easily…” “Hmph… So it seems these lowly half-breeds aren’t even worth killing… Oh well let’s go.” Before Grimm fainted from the loss of blood he saw who the other person was. Grimm opened his eyes wide and then coughed up blood. “Elizabeth…” Grimm fainted and then Creed and Elizabeth disappeared leaving Grimm, Demi, Lena, and Aden.