• Ch 1: Homecoming

    Rolling my eyes I do as told and jump in the shower. It’s such a chore you know, having to shower when told for your sister to do my hair before she left for work. Hopping into the shower, I set it on lukewarm and washed my hair.

    Turning the knob, I wrapped he towel around myself and took another towel to dry my hair. Slipping into the clothes I’d brought in with me I walked out of the bathroom and called my older sister.

    She appeared from her room dressed in high heels, skinny jeans; a tight but somewhat loose on purpose shirt and jewelry. She worked at Body Shop, thus, she had to dress up very pretty all the time.

    “Go to my room.” She ordered as she went to the kitchen. Shrugging, I went and sat down in the chair in the center of the room. When she came back she put down her glass of water and started to plug in all the necessary electronic devices such as the blow drier and the straightener.

    It took thirty minutes to fix my hair, but when it was done it didn’t look at all that different from what it usually looked like. However, instead of voicing what I really thought, I smiled and thanked her. She then proceeded to do my nails and my make-up.

    Smiling, I thanked her again and then went to show my mother who said I looked very pretty. My sister ran out the door a few minutes later, in a rush to get to her work on time. I opened the door and called out another last thanks.

    Digging through my closet I picked out the black high heels I was going to wear but found out they were wedges, so begrudgingly I looked for the silver heels I had that were normal heels. They were pretty, but I’d been looking forward to use the black heels I’d never worn before.

    It was a whole hour later before my friend came to pick me up. She wore the dress her mother had bought her: a longish black dress that fell longer on one side. Lace up heels adorned her feet, and bangles of different colors hung from her wrist, a colorful necklace around her neck.

    “Hey,” She smiled. “Wow, you look so different! I’ve never seen you wear a dress before.” She nodded in appreciation.

    “Hey,” I complained with a smile. “You know I do better with jeans.” She laughed and agreed. Bidding a good bye to my mom after a few pictures, I followed after Jenna and got in the car her father was driving.

    We chatted animatedly for the six minutes that took her father to drive us to school for the homecoming. “Can you believe it, homecoming in the cafeteria?” Jenna scoffed as we made our way inside, showing the teacher there our I.D. and ticket to go in. “At least they could have done it in the Gym.”

    “And smell all that lingering sweat?” I asked scrunching up my face in distaste at the thought. “No thanks.”

    Chuckling Jenna hummed. “Guess you’re right, but hey, at least we’d have the benches, right?”

    “True.” I beamed.

    Inside the cafeteria it wasn’t all that different. Sure there were things draping from the ceiling down to the walls, many balloons hooked together forming an arc in the center, and all the tables were removed, but it still looked like the cafeteria. There was a stand with the dj there; bobbing his head with the music he was playing.

    “Ne-yo? Eh, not bad. I like this song.” Jenna shrugged.

    “Of course you would, miss independent.” I chuckled as I pocked her.

    “Damn right I am.” She puffed up her chest with pride, head held high and eye burning with a fire that wasn’t there before, before she burst out laughing, completely destroying the image she had formed seconds before.

    “Well hey, let’s dance.” I froze at what she said and shook my head. “What? Why not?” She questioned furrowing her brows. “That’s what I came here to do Abby.” She whined.

    “You can dance.” I stated. “But hell if I do.”

    “Oh come off it. It’s not like if you dance you’ll be cursed to humiliation.”
    I stared. “You…you know what, no more fanfics for you.” I pouted but allowed her to drag me to the dance floor. With the music blaring, I closed my eyes and let my body move to the beat.

    It was way harder than I imagined, a lot more fun than I ever thought possible. Jenna laughed at my grinning face, telling me ‘I told you so’ with a wink.

    Feeling a tap on my shoulder I dance myself around and stopped moving, blinking a few times when I saw the most adorable guy I have ever seen.

    Flax hair reaching down to his shoulders, the darkest but most brilliant eyes I’d ever seen bore into my soul. He wore a black suit, like most of the guys there, but no tie. In it’s place were a few chain like necklaces, the first few buttons of his shirt and blazer undone to reveal smooth skin.

    “Care to dance?” He asked with a warm smile, his hand held out like a gentleman’s waiting for mine to take it.

    I hesitated. Looking back to Jenna, I silently asked her for help with my eyes. She gave a sly smile and shook her head, taking a step back. This was her way of showing that this was my problem, not hers.

    Biting the inside of my cheek, I thought about what my mother had told me about her regretting not dancing in her dance with a boy who had asked her too and that I should say yes if a guy came up to me unless I had a really good reason to say no.

    Without a word, I shyly placed my hand in his and looked up when he squeezed it gently, my heart skipping a beat.

    He led me to the dance floor and, jus then, a slow song came. For a fleeting second I thought that maybe the boy had planned it, but how could he, right?

    I blushed when I felt his hands take hold of my hips. When he noticed that I wasn’t going to do anything with my own arms, he laughed and placed them on his shoulders, telling me that was where they were supposed to be.

    “I know.” I huffed out embarrassed.

    “Of course you did.” He teased while we swayed about. “What’s your name?”

    “It’s impolite to ask another their name without giving out their own." I responded immediately and cursed myself afterwards. No more anime for me it seemed, seeing as it was taking over my vocabulary.

    Grinning, the boy replied, “Rai.” I gave him my name and he hummed with a nod. “Have you danced before?” He asked tilting his head.

    I tisked. “If you mean before today, no, not really.” I answered with a nervous smile.

    “So I’m your first guy?” He teased. Can anyone blame me for turning a beet red? Anyone? I thought not.

    “Shush it you.” I said as I shoved him on the shoulder, making him laugh.
    For the most part, the night was turning out really good, if not perfect. I just hope it’ll continue to be as it is now.

    To Be Continued....