• After the scene in the living room I went on a rampage in my room. I parctically destroyed it. The side table was on the other end of the room, the lamp was smashed into millions of tiny peices on the floor, the desk was toppled in the corner with paper's flooding the floor around it, the chair was laying on it's side close by, there where dent's and hole's in the wall's, everything in the closet was thrown about the room, and the television was laying on the floor, screen broke and it's plug ripped from the wall. I kneeled in the corner of the room when something by the side table caught my eye, a picture frame.
    I crawled to the other side of the room to retrieve the frame, not stoping when i felt large peice's of the broken lamp cut my hand's and knee's.
    I picked up the pictue frame and saw that the glass had been cracked so badly you coulden't see the picture inside, so I slid the picture out.
    Warm tear's trickled down my cheek's as I looked at a photo of my mother,father, and me. It had been taken 2 week's before dad died. I cryed so hard it made me sick, and I wanted someone to help me but I was alone now...
    "Daddy what do I do now ?" I choked out between sob's.