• Days of Silence (Continued)

    “Jesus Christ, Kam…” Reynolds sputtered. Kamron turned around and noticed that he had just taken out every one of those infected by himself… not a single shot was fired. 4 stage one infected killed by hand in under 30 seconds… He looked at his hands, they were a pale grey color, the veins bulged from under the skin, very clearly defined. Summers slowly turned his head toward the bodies, his mouth open in awe. “Kam, how’d you do that?…” He asked admiringly. Kamron looked up almost terrified. “I… I don’t know.” A screech echoed from somewhere in the building. The marines looked at each other. “We aren’t safe here. We gotta go! MOVE!!!”

    They darted down the hall, shining there lights everywhere before they kept running. They didn’t stop for anything… Kamron reflected on how he just killed those things back there. “What was that?” Vickers asked, not truly wanting to know. Kamron saw it too. Down to their right there was another hall running parallel to theirs. they saw the black masses, running to match their pace. “Oh, s**t!… Oh, s**t!… OH, s**t!!!” Vickers screamed. “Just keep running!” Kamron shouted ahead. “I’ll keep ‘em busy!” He slowed to a jog and saw that the infected down the hall stopped and darted his way, screeching, moaning and snarling. He looked at his gun… Fifty shots left… that wasn’t going to be enough; but he opened fire anyway, watching the last of the people in his group make it safely through the Emergency exit and into the open sunny streets, they’d have a better chance there. The misshapen terrors came running at him full force, dropping several at a time; but still gaining ground. As if jet propelled, one of the bigger mutants jumped at him; clearly oblivious to the bullets being pounded into him; and landed five feet from him, it opened a beak-like protrusion which must have been its mouth and a long thick tentacle shot out and hit him square in the chest; knocking the wind clear out of him and sending exploding lights before his eyes. He fell to his knees, gasping but only for a moment. The tentacle came back around and gripped him by the throat and pinned him to the wall, legs dangling… the beast then moved close to his face, breathing like a winded horse, with a roar of triumph its beak opened wide in four directions, fangs popping out from the fleshy lining. Kamron felt what little air was left in him, being choked out. It stopped immediately and looked down the hall, snarling. Kamron’s last images before he fell unconscious were of men running up the hall, firing with machine guns and flamethrowers, screaming “HOO- AHHH!!!”

    Chapter 4: Family Ties

    Time Frame: 29 hours after Emergency Evac. Team left Portugal, Spain.

    Kamron woke slowly, drifting in and out of consciousness, each time more and more light coming to his senses. Then he heard a garbled voice… then it was gone… He opened his eyes… *Beep… Beep… Beep…* A heart monitor? “Hey, Welcome back, Dead man…” He tilted his head to the left to see who had spoken. “Dad?” Alton Bishop sat in a wooden chair at his bedside. He smiled at his son, teary eyed and trembling. “I thought I’d lost you.” He said wiping tears away. The wrinkles under his eyes seemed to have gotten deeper, Kamron noticed. “Dad… you can’t be rid of me that easily. I’m like a malignant tumor, your stuck with me.” His father chuckled at his crude metaphor. “Just amazes me how resilient you are.” Kam smiled. “What do you mean?” he asked curiously. His father sat silently for a moment then replied: “Son… When they brought you in you were announced dead for nearly an hour… I saw you. The doctor said nothing could be done, said your wind pipe was crushed shut and your rib-cage had been hammered in… but then, you came back somehow and started to thrash at people, like an animal… It took five marines to hold you down… and another to sedate you…” Kamron sat motionless and terrified, his eyes as wide as they could stretch. He swallowed hard and asked: “Did they say what’s wrong with me?” His father answered cautiously. “We’re waiting on the blood tests as we speak…” Kamron nodded, not entirely satisfied. “Any Ideas?” Alton just sat, quiet and scared. “Well…” just as he was about to go on the door flew open and a nervous doctor cradling a bloody bandaged arm stood there. “Dr. Bishop…” He said shaken and motioned for Alton to step outside with him. Kamron watched them leave and waited for the door to shut; then threw off the covers and immediately began searching his body for a rash or a bite mark or even a scratch. If he was infected he wanted to know. He scoped every part of his body, and found nothing, not even a knick where an infected would have scratched him… He lay back down and covered up, his head resting against the first pillow he’d felt in weeks. He thought to himself how much he used to take for granted, and sighed… The door slowly opened and his father came back in, he looked ghostly pale. He sat back down in his chair and looked at his son. “Dad, what is it?” The doctor came back in and hurried to Kams’ bedside. He pulled out a tiny flashlight and started to check his eyes. “ Say ‘Ah’.” Kamron opened his mouth and let the doctor check his throat, teeth and gums. “Absolutely remarkable.” He said looking at Alton. Then he felt Kams’ musculature in his arms. “Hmm…” He mumbled inquisitively, he then pulled up a stool that sat in the corner and started to talk; “Well… Dr. Bishop, your son is infected…” At this his father went completely white. “But for some reason, Its not mutating the outward appearance or taking control of the Body… This is without a doubt the strangest thing I’ve ever seen… I have noticed however that his muscle mass is the same but more tightly compressed. This may mean he has an incredibly high strength level or that the muscles are being cloned to boost that strength level.” Kamron looked at the doctor. “What the hell does that mean?…” The doctor looked back. “It means you’re not getting any really negative side effects from the virus. You may have some genetic immunity to it, and It may just be effecting your musculature, for example, The virus usually attacks the skin and brain first, paralyzing the host while it takes over. Then moves on to the nerves and muscles, creating its Ideal of a hunting organism. Then wipes out the hosts full existence.” He paused. “But, with you it seems to have been successful only in the muscular shift. Which in turn could also speed up your ability to heal quicker than a normal human. Kamron, you may have unwittingly been subject to a transformation into a super- human being.” Kamron just sat there and blinked dully. “What?!” He proclaimed after much deliberation. “What the hell do you mean ’super-human’?!” Kamron looked down at the cords and IV’s in his body and began pulling them out in multitudes. The doctor realized what he was doing and shouted for assistance. Kamron only saw a blur as seven soldiers ran into the room and tried to restrain him. They latched onto every part of his body and held tight, but Kamron only struggled harder, and screamed louder. They tried to sedate him but to no avail. They wasted three syringes before finally deciding that wasn’t going to be enough; He saw his father holding something and felt it plunge into him, He could only squirm as 40,000 Volts of electricity ran through his body and in the end, was placed back on the bed and strapped there, unconscious and still convulsing from the stun-gun.

    Alton Bishop sat once again at his make shift desk. He was sweaty and pale. He popped the seal on a fresh bottle of whisky, reached for the cup, then jerked his hand back as if it had been burned, shouted and drank straight from the bottle. After a few well rounded gulps he pulled the bottle from his lips and began to sob uncontrollably into his fists. He gripped his hair and started to tug. “I COULD’VE STOPPED THIS!!! WHY DID’NT I STOP THIS!?” He screamed to the lonely room. Still sobbing and every once in a while taking big swallows from the bottle. He felt this was his fault and couldn’t shake the feeling of despair… It’s a lot to bear when the fate of the human race is in your hands; and he was getting the brunt of that now. He was there when they started testing the “miracle cure” serum that turned out to be the virus that would pervert more than three fourths of the worlds populous to screaming, animalistic horrors. He could have pointed out there major flaws in logic, but he was hopeful and he was being paid to keep quiet. Now, he was the only person left who truly understood the virus’ molecular make-up; and he was completely powerless to stop it. If only he could find a way to take it back… “Wait… Powerless…” His color began to come back into his face. “That’s it!!!” He cried out in elation. He jolted toward his computer and typed the words
    ‘Autoimmune disease medical research facility’, a short list came up; topmost ‘University of Michigan.’ He printed the short list and circled the UofM listing. Then ran for the door… Slamming it in his haste.

    Chapter 5: And then we ran.

    Kamron woke up again and this time no one was there to comfort him… Something had woken him from a deep sleep, he didn’t know quite what it was, but something didn’t feel right. “Hello?!” he cried toward the door. “Is anyone out there?” He jerked his arms and legs, and realized they were strapped down, what had happened after the doctor told him of his problem? “Hello? Nurse?… Guard?… Anyone?…” He heard footfalls coming toward the door. “Hello?!” The door creaked partly open and a soldier poked his head in. “Lieutenant Bishop? What seems to be the problem, sir?” The soldier looked exhausted, rings under his eyes, stubble, disheveled uniform and hair. He tried to motion to him. “What’s your name?” The marine snapped to attention and Stated his designation. “Squad-sergeant John Diaz, Naval code 343-5157-117, reporting, sir!” He barked his title like a true marine… Thank god. “Sergeant Diaz, I need to see my father; Alton Bishop, and the on-call physician… would you mind releasing the straps?” The Sergeant had a twinkle in his eye from Kamron addressing him as a ranking officer. He looked like he’d rip the straps off by hand. “Can do, Sir; I’ll even escort you there myself.” He liked this soldier already. “Thank you, Sergeant.” The soldier came over and loosened the straps enough for Kamron to get out. He let the good sergeant lead the way. Hoo-Raa.

    They walked down a procession of hallways, each with no windows and about thirty doors. After about fifteen minutes, Kamron didn’t have the faintest idea where they were. He was going to ask the Sergeant where this place was, but he stopped suddenly. “Okay, sir, it’s just through there.” He pointed to a heavy white door, standing at the end of the hall, Kamron realized that this hall wasn’t like all the others; all the doors were heavy metal except for the end of the hall, the lighting was very dim, almost tinged green and humming, The Air was stale and very calm; “What’s through there, Sergeant Diaz?” He jabbed his finger to the door he was expected to go through. “Don’t know, sir. They won’t let anyone with my level of clearance or lower through… so, your guess is as good as mine…” Kam nodded pathetically; his only thoughts were how much he didn’t want to go through those doors. He heard a beep and from an intercom somewhere he heard his dads voice: “Come in, we’ve been waiting for you…” Kamron noticed a little camera set off to the right of the door, and nodded again. The big white door slid open and revealed a tiny decontamination chamber; he stepped in and the door locked shut…

    The creeping darkness in the chamber was very unsettling, Kamron couldn’t wait to get out. A small porthole with a 3 inch thick plate of glass opened up and he could see the silhouette of a woman through it; “Say ’Cheese’…” the intercom crackled. A blinding flash broke the darkness and Kamron blinked a couple times to clear the spots in his eyes. “Holy s**t!” He yelped. A thick spray of gas started to seep into the room. “Take a deep breathe.” He did as was instructed and started to cough. “Okay, its working, come on through.” He stepped out of the choking gas still coughing and saw his dad standing behind a desk. “Sorry about that; we aren’t taking any chances.” Kamron turned around and saw a beautiful young woman, wearing thin glasses and a lab coat. he couldn’t pull his eyes away from her. He heard his dad chuckle beside him… “Kamron, I want you to meet Dr. Rhona Hoffman, She helps me in the lab and is the leader of our tech-personnel.” She held out a hand obviously oblivious to Kamrons awe. “So, you’re the infamous son Dr. Bishop won’t shut up about…” Kamron shook her hand and continued to stare. His dad smacked him in the back of the head when he noticed Kamron staring at her as she bent over a computer console. “Don’t even think about it…” He warned. “What?” Kam Said Mock- innocently. “Alright, Alton; are we ready?” Asked Dr. Hoffman. He let her lead the way toward the back, she punched in a process of numbers and letters on a computer next to a steel vault door. The heavy door swung slowly open, revealing rows and rows of man sized metal tubes with blue portholes. “We’ve been capturing some of the mutants and studying them, so far we have around two-hundred…” Said Dr. Hoffman. “We have the active ones in the back; come on.” Kamron stammered. “What exactly do you mean ‘active’?” She lead them to what looked like a giant glass hamster cage. There were shapes moving in the darkness inside of it. “Get ready.” Dr. Hoffman called to them from the other end of the wall of thick glass. She flicked on a switch and lights came on inside… Suddenly, something hit the glass and Kamron fell backward. “JESUS CHRIST!!!” He yelled furiously. He looked up to see a tall lanky creature pushing itself against the glass. He could hear it snarling and gnashing its teeth. A long thick tongue Slid out of its mouth and darted along the glass leaveing copious amounts of saliva along the glass. An imposing shadow came up behind the beast and a thick three clawed hand grabbed it by the neck and threw it out of the way. The creature was big; Seven feet easy. It was built like a body builder, bulging veins and protruding slits marked its body. It just stood there, breathing, about this time Kamron noticed it had no head, nor any neck that it could have been severed from. “Sickening, isn’t it.” He heard Dr. Hoffman say, she stood beside him looking into his eyes, as though looking for some little spark of understanding. “What is this thing? I haven’t seen any of this type before.” Kamron asked her, returning her stare sadly… “Well…” She started just before she turned away from him and the creature. “Our tissue analysis says that this is a twelve-year-old boy named ‘Damian Schumacher’… but we call it a Juggernaut. Supposedly a new type of infected.” Kamron could feel the twinge of pain in his chest, and the lump forming in his throat, and the tears welling up in his eyes. “This is a… No…” Kamron couldn’t find the words to express what he felt. He looked back and found the thing face to face with him. Several slits in its skin opened up to reveal pitch-black eyes. It stared for a moment and let out a piercing shriek and started to pound on the glass… Kamron turned away quickly and found a waste-basket; a steaming jet of white bile flooded into it.

    He was now hunched over the waste-basket, vomiting all contents in his stomach forth. He sat there on his knees as pale as possible. He couldn’t help but let a few sobs out and couldn’t help feeling so sad. “That… That thing was just a kid… What did he do to deserve that?” He couldn’t make sense of it. What kind of a god would allow that to happen?
    “Kam… it isn’t about what he did; The virus isn’t thinking about that, it’s only thoughts are survival.” Alton was trying to quell his son, trying to turn him back into that strong soldier he always knew his son to be. This wasn’t like him. The last year in Portugal really seemed to have taken its toll on him… The only thing that seemed remotely the same, was his sleeping habits. “You always told me; Things will always work out for the greater good in the end… What good can come of this, dad?” His father took a step back, he knew that it didn’t make sense, it really shook his beliefs as well. The last pillar of humanity was standing alone, fighting impossible odds, scraping every resource they could… but that still didn’t seem to be enough… “I don’t know, Kam, I really don’t know. But I am not going to give up, until I’ve tried everything humanly possible…” He grabbed his son by the front of his shirt and pulled him level with him. “And I’ll be damned if you’re gonna go soft on me now, not when we’ve made it this far… Everyone looks at you like a hero, Kamron, everyone talks about how you kept thirty people alive for a year in Ground Zero… Are you gonna tell me that they’re wrong?… Are you?” Kamron looked into his dads solemn eyes and saw a fierce amount of determination. “You’re right, dad, I can’t give up… I won’t.” The lights went out… A red flasher spun on and the alarm started to go off. “What the hell?… What’s going on here?” Dr. Hoffman said as she rushed to a computer console. She stared at the screen for a moment. “Oh, my, god… Alton; we have to leave, now.” She said shaken and going pale. “We’ve got a breach…” Dr. Bishop looked at her with concern. “Can they stop them?” He spat. “Things don’t look good. We should probably get out for a while… Take a walkie, hit the back-roads and wait.” She said. Kamron knew that they still wouldn’t be safe, so he asked: “Where can I get a gun?” They all looked at each other for a moment, apparently the other two hadn’t thought about that. “Well… There’s a small armory on the other side of the building… But it’s real close to the breach-point.” Dr. Hoffman said thoughtfully. “I’m going for it.” Kamron said; walking toward the front of the lab. “Kamron, wait-” His father called. “No, dad… I gotta get some weaponry. We won’t make it two days out there without some guns.” Alton grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. Kamron looked down and realized he was holding a pistol in his hand, holding it out for his son to take. “Don’t do anything stupid… You hear me?” Kamron nodded as he relieved the berretta from his fathers grip.

    The Heavy door swung open revealing the hall from before. Kamron held the weapon at the ready. It was eerily silent; no footsteps, no gunfire, not even the frightened voice of a marine to let him know he wasn’t alone. Just the humming from the overhead lights. He picked up the walkie-talkie on his belt and pressed the button. “Guys, something’s not right… I should be able to hear gunshots from here. Over.” He let the button go and waited. “Kamron, maybe we should just get out of here… We may be able to make it past the dead zone, if we drive fast, and possibly find another colony. Over.” Kamron couldn’t say he didn’t like the idea, but he knew these things’ habits better than they did, it couldn’t happen. “No, I’m going for it. I’ll tell you when I reach the armory. Over and out.” He proceeded cautiously down the hall, stopping every hundred paces or so to see if he could hear anything… He got to the end of the hall before he realized he was moving to slow. “Come on, Kam, nothing you haven’t seen before.”

    His pace was quiet but quick. Darting behind the corners here and there before peering out to see any sign of life; or death. He kept this up for maybe ten minutes before he started to hear slight sounds almost like talking but very raspy. “…Help…Me…” Kamron stopped dead, his blood running cold… Eyes wide. “Help…Me…” A strange monotone whisper. “Hello… is someone there?…” It was quiet for a moment… “Help… Help me… Help…” The voice was getting closer. “Where are you?… Hey, tell me where you are…” No response. “Hello?… Hey, where are you…” No sooner had he finished his sentence than a mans head poked around the corner up ahead; eyes half closed and skin very pale… “Please…Help…Me…” The same raspy whisper. Then the head pulled back. “Hey… Hey, come back…” Kamron turned the corner and stopped… “What the hell?…” he looked up the corridor and saw nothing, no man, not even a blood trail… “Help…Me…” He froze. Behind him… He turned slowly; the man was standing there. “Help me…” He didn’t entirely seem too coherent. He dropped to his knees and slumped over; only now did Kamron realize that the man was already dead. He watched as a mess of sharp tentacles retracted slowly upward… he followed their ascent with his eyes… they slithered slowly into a four pieced beak belonging to an obscene, wiry monstrosity perched on the ceiling, which clamped shut for a moment. The head of this sickening creature (which appeared to be only the beak) twisted around in its neck socket and sat motionless for a moment. Kamron slowly raised the pistol in its direction and loaded a round in the chamber; at the sound of the metallic click of the cocking mechanism. The beak pointed in His direction and opened in a guttural scream. Tentacles shot out of its throat and wrapped around Kamrons arm, and with a great jerk of its head the creature threw Kamron thirty yards down the hall, smashing his head against the polished floor; a roar of surprise escaped His mouth as he slid to a halt after making contact with the ground. Before he could get the blinding white sparks out of his eyes, He heard the creature shuffling along the ceiling and tried to slide away. But the beast wouldn’t have it; Its beak flew open and the tentacles wrapped Kamrons legs in a crushing vise. It heard him reaching for the pistol a few feet away from him and jumped to the floor while dragging him down the hall, animalistic growls escaping between the mouthful of tendrils. Kamron grabbed onto a doorframe and held it. The monster was clearly getting tired of playing with its food; it began to retract the squirming mass of pink, snakelike limbs into its throat with each step toward Kamron, as it reached Kamrons feet its tendrils slipped to his neck instead and pulled him to his feet… two long, jagged claws pierced Kamrons shoulders and stuck him to the wall. “C’mon, you son of a b***h! Let’s get this over with!” Kamron Spat as it drew close to his face. Its beak opened wide enough to swallow a trash can and positioned over Kamrons head, the tentacles started to pull him in--- *Blam, Blam, Blam!!!* The beak pulled away and Kamron opened his eyes to see the beast clawing at its neck, writhing on the floor; squealing in anguish. Kamron looked up the hall to see Sergeant Diaz holding a smoking Magnum, he nodded to Kamron and looked back at the monster then opened fire. The thing lay motionless in a black puddle of its own blood. “You alright Lieutenant Bishop?” He asked nudging the creature with his foot. Kamron looked at his shoulders. Where their should have been holes leading all the way through, he found perfectly smooth skin. He looked at the Sergeant. “Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” Diaz holstered his pistol. “Good, I saw the whole thing… What the hell is this thing anyway?…” Kamron stooped over it looking at its emaciated bullet laden body. “This… Is evolution.” He said slowly. “Diaz- where’s the armory?” Diaz looked at him like he was a madman. “You sure you’re alright?” He asked looking at the bloody tears in Kamrons Black Tee-shirt. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine… Really.” He looked at Kamron for a moment then finally decided to speak. “The armory is just up the hall aways.” They walked up to a door clearly marked: ‘ARMORY’ and pushed it open. Kamron grabbed the walkie again. “Dad, We made it… Over.” The radio started to beep. “What do you mean ‘we’? Over…” His father called from the other side. “I met up with a marine en route. No biggie… Over and out.” Kamron replaced the radio to his belt and took a look at the shelves of ammunition and racks of guns. He looked like the equivalent of a child in a candy store. He walked to the far wall and spied a black gun case, curiosity got the best of him and he removed the sleek black-metal cover. He peered inside and whistled his approval. He reached in and pulled a Military issue Shotgun; which seemed to be completely unused. He reached back in and pulled a box of piercing shells from within. He loaded seven shots into the gun; put the quick load shells in the holder on the side of the gun and cocked it. He loved the feeling of holding a weapon like this; it made him feel powerful, Invincible. He grabbed two of the military issue packs and loaded them full of Weapons and Ammo; on his way out the door he saw a small lidless crate; on its side it read ’Danger: Highly explosive’ He looked in and grabbed several of the small globular pieces and realized he was holding a fragmentation grenade… He grinned and grabbed the crate gently cradling it under his right arm. Diaz looked at him as he walked out of the room. “Holy hell; do you really think we need all that?” Kamron looked at him, eyebrows raised… “Right… this could get ugly…” He got the message. Kamron thrust the Frag box into his arms and picked up the radio from the clip and spoke into the receiver: “Dad, we’re on our way back, get what you need and get ready to get out of here. Over” His dad picked up and spoke his acknowledgement and told them to meet them in the military auto-depot; that they would grab a set of wheels. Kamron set out with a knot in his stomach; He had just realized that he had no idea where his squad was. He fished around in his fatigue pants and pulled up the head set he had used to communicate with them in Portugal; hopefully one of them would have left their links on. “Bishop to Reaper squad, anyone copy?” He spoke into it. “Kamron? Is that you? I thought these damn things were busted. Damn good to hear you made it, sir, over.” Kamron let out a sigh of relief. “Reynolds… we gotta go, meet me at the Military depot on-the-double…” Silence for a moment said that their was a kink in that plan. “No-can-do, sir. Me, Vickers and Summers are holed up in a storage room. We can’t go anywhere with these ******** zippin’ around…” Kamron sighed, a heavy burden was just sat back on his shoulders. “Alright, where are you?” He asked grudgingly. “We’re positioned by the sick bay.” Kamron had just come from there two hours ago. “Okay, hang tight, we’re on our way.”

    Diaz led them through a maze of debris strewn halls, he was shakeing, but he maintained his composure. He kept glancing back to make sure Lieutenant Bishop was still keeping pace; it seemed that nothing tired him out, it was eerie to see that he wasn’t even breathing hard or sweating. Diaz swore they were out on a light stroll through the park. “Sir, how are we planning on getting your men out of there?” He asked slowly. Kamron stretched his hand. “I… really don’t know.” He confessed. Diaz stopped short at this and looked at Kamron with confusion clear in his eyes. “We can’t just run in guns blazing and expect to be okay, sir.” Kamron looked up. “I know, but-” He stopped abruptly and Diaz heard what had made him do so. Semi-automatic gun shots coming from the direction they were heading, accompanied by shrill screeches. “Lets go.” Kamron said as he was already running up the hall.

    Chapter 6: Out of the frying pan…

    Kamron ran the whole way to the sick bay; losing sight of the sweating and gasping Diaz. He came to a corner and heard a strange croaking sound. He slowly peeked around to the other side and saw a total of five swollen disfigured infected crouded around a closet door. He slowly reached into one of the bags that he grabbed from the armory, pulling out the scatter-shot rifle. “Talk about crowd control…” he said quietly while loading the gun. He looked around the corner again and blinked in confusion; All the infected were gone… He slowly stepped out into the hall, hoping they were gone for good. He took a few steps forward and heard Diaz round the corner loudly. “Lieutenant Bishop… I gotta rest.” he said out loud. Kamron heard a snort-like roar and looked ahead again… The infected had heard Diaz… And were stalking forward at a playful pace. Kamron leveled the shotgun and fired, pumping it as soon as the bullet hit home. The remaining four infected looked at there fallen comrade and roared simultaneously. “Damn it, Diaz, you picked a fine time-” the rest of his words were stifled by the gun shots that seemed to miss every time. And the creatures were gaining ground, hopping here and there to avoid the bullets. Diaz picked up an SMG and began firing along side Kamron. “I’m sorry, Sir, I didn’t know that-” his words were cut short as the guns pounded out rounds of lead. The creatures were only twenty feet from them; and stopped. “Not the brightest bulbs in the box are you!?” He yelled at the horrors that were cocking there heads and listening. He pulled the trigger and his heart sunk as the gun emanated a faint click. “Oh, come on!!!” he shouted at the gun. The infected started roaring again and charged. Kamron threw the gun at one and sent it reeling, and ran full force at another, colliding with an impact that would have crushed a normal mans bones to splinters. He grappled with it for a moment before realizing that its reactions were calculated; It knew what it was doing. Kamron delivered a hard right hook to its head that made its skin shake. He threw an uppercut that pounded its chin upward and its head backward; it stumbled for a moment and Kamron tried to deliver a ‘Coup de Grace‘… but it grabbed his fist as he threw the punch. Its head wrenched forward and hit him square in the face, sending him crashing to the ground. It hopped down and started pounding on him like a rabid ape. He threw his fist up and hit it again in the face sending it flying off of him. He scrambled to his feet and ran over to the recovering horror as it stood up and crushed his fist against its face, feeling the skull shatter. It hit the ground with a heavy slam and lay motionless. Another of the creatures joined the fray and slammed Kamron through the concrete wall. He regained his footing and shifted so as to get behind the creature, he used its forward momentum and grabbed its arms as it was flying past him and slammed his boot into its back feeling every possible bone shatter and its arms ripped out of their sockets. He looked back and saw Diaz pinned by the last of the creatures. Kamron growled and picked up a lead pipe from the floor. He ran back into the hallway and swung the pipe with everything he had… The infected flew into the wall and slid down, its leg twitched twice and moved no more; it just lay there, completely destroyed. Kamron fell backward and started gasping for breathe. “Are you… Okay… Diaz?” He managed between breathes. “Yeah… it just kinda slimed me.” They lay there for a moment and heard a door creak open… Kamron jumped to his feet ready for whatever may come next… Reynolds walked out of the closet with Vickers and Summers in toe. They gaped at the ungodly amount of death all around them. “Hello boys; time to get the hell outta here.”

    End of part 1.

    Days of Silence
    Written by: Jon VanMaastricht
    (AKA. Sqourge)