• I was walking down to the bar Foxy stayed behind for the results.

    As i walked through the door I saw the bartender making a drink. I walked up
    "Vodka and Gin." He nodded and tossed me the bottles I handed him the credit card. Once he was done I grabbed the card and walked back to the room.

    "Ok will do." She hung up the phone I smiled as I grabbed the shot glasses, I mixed the drink and hadded her the shot while chugging mine. "The higher ups were glad to hear you accepted the offer." I rose my glass with my eyes closed due to the strength of the drink, "Nice to hear, been a while since I had Gin and Vodka." I refilled my glass drinking more and more, making her have at least six shots. "So whats your sory behind the I.N.E.P?" Her cheeks red from the drinks "Well I started out as a child agent at twelve, befoe I left for I was tought how to defend myself and all that jazz" She lied down on the bed to rest her back.

    "There was a boy I used to know, Codi was his name,we were best of friends. He fought allot though." She laughed. "One day he was helping a friend, Ryan he stepped in as he was being bullied. Codi stopped him of cource, gave the p***k a broken nose. He was attacked by the kids older brother and his goons that night. Codi was bloody, looked like a mangeled corpse. I took my tazer and stopped them."
    I listened as she continued slowly geeting angry.
    "I took him back to my place, to rest although one thing led to another. He promised me he would never leave me." Her cheeks even redder as she thought. "Then I was ordered to leave, He never knew."

    "You done?" she suffered more then I thought she looked like she was about to cry talking about it. "Thanks for the story I got go fir a bit." As I walked out I heared the crying starts I only shook my head. I walked out of the building finding a curb and just sat down as expected the wind was rather nice onn the neck. I closed my eyes thinking of what I heard and only sighed. I opened my eyes and noticed a girl sitting next to me.