• He came back in and held the ice out to me, I looked away. The cold wouldn't help, after all how can physical cold wash out emotional cold... I guess its the same with pain. Pain is pain, as cold is cold.
    "I am done with anything cold.." I said softly, trying to keep my voice from breaking.
    "Its going to be ok Itsuko..." he said softly to try to comfort me.
    "Its not! Every time i dream that dream someone around me dies! Every time that dream comes to me it only griefs me more! How can everything be ok when people around me die from what I dream!?" I exclaimed, losing my temper was shocking to me, as it was to him, it was plain on his face. I never once let my emotions get the better of me, and yet here I was yelling with a flooded river flowing down my cheeks.
    He hugged me, although I just sat there, sobbing. Even when it turned to empty sobbing I still went on. Hours passed it felt like, until i was finally calm. I looked up at him then away ashamed that I had a complete emotional meltdown with him there.
    "There's no reason to be ashamed, we all have our emotional moments." He told rubbing the back that was now to him.
    "I never meant to yell... I... I'm sorry Yakuro.." It was my first time using his name since I had taken refuge in his home about five years ago. It seemed strange yet comfortable.
    He turned my head to face his. "As long as I remain by your side, nothing can get to you, not even that being trapped within you. I will make sure of that."
    "I wish I could be soothed by this. I feel her power growing, as well as my own, but hers seem to be feeding off of mine, and all around me." I looked away again. "I cant even control her thoughts from mine like I used to.."
    "Then perhaps its time we go and see the Ancients." He said with a little sigh.
    "It will be suicidal for me, you know it." I told as i looked at him once more
    "Perhaps, but they would know what to do, you, as was I, awakened through the call. As we must answer." He got up and looked out the window.
    The storm was starting to calm once more, as I began to grow more drowsy.
    "Sleep now, we will talk about it in the morning." He added as he walked towards the door. "I will keep the door cracked, you know where my room is located at." and with that he was gone.
    Leaving me to think and ponder at things yet to happen. The more I thought, the more I drifted off. Soon I was swept away, back into the timeless world of imagination.