• It was the day I had finally plucked up the courage to make the question come forward. One sentence, six words, big puppy dog eyes and a voice laced with honey. Sounds easy right? It's not.
    Zach was the dreamiest. His hair is jet black, his skin is pale and his eyes, oh his eyes!, were so blue. So deep, so easy to get lost in.
    What was I? But a weird little nerd amounting to nothing. Stringy brown hair, braces, wire framed glasses, muddy brown eyes and freckles. Not really date material.
    "Will you go out... with...me?" I barely managed to squeak out and I winced around the last word. I refused to look at him, to see his look of disgust and prepared myself for the mocking to start.
    "Seriously?" his angelic voice asked in what I can only describe as suprise.
    "Well yeah," I grinnned hoping to appeal to his better nature.
    "Sure, I'll go out with you," he let out and suddenly added, " me? Really? Wow"
    "Is something wrong?"
    "No, nothing just I never imagined someone as pretty as you would ask me out," Zach sheepishly said and rocked back and forth on his toes.
    I couldn't help but giggle like a total spaz, "You think I'm pretty?"
    "Of course!"
    " Do you think you could come to the park with me this week end?"
    Zach gave a jerky nod and almost as if fate was mocking me he leaned in really close and slowly losed his eyes.
    My heart began to race and beat maniac-like skipping and jumping and twirling. His lips met mine, soft and cool. I reached to bring him closer to me. But as my finger tips reached his skin he vanished like smoke.
    I was shocked, depressed, horrified at what my imagination could come up with.
    He wasn't real. It was all a dream. Nothing that happened there would affect today. He wouldn't look at me and reminice in the memory of the kiss because he didn't have it. He would look at me and think 'Ugh nerd.' And I would endure another day of trying to talk to him. Hoping to catch his eye.
    If only, if only.