• A little girl rushed down the stairs. She was 10 years old, no more. Running outside, she saw her best friend already moving off from the stone post at the front of the house. “Wait! Wait for me Luke!” The girl called after him. With a sigh, the boy stopped and turned around to see her running down the path and arriving next to him. “Let’s go.” she panted.


    A teenage boy walked slowly down the road, scuffing his shoes as he went. Lifting his head as he reached the building he was aiming for, his brown floppy hair hung across one of his cloud grey eyes. The girl he was waiting for walked out the house he was looking at. Shutting the door behind her, she walked down the path and smiled warmly at her friend. “Hey Mixter.” Luke smiled. “Yo,” Micky answered, swinging her bag half-way down her leg. The teenager stopped as she realised her lace was undone. “Wait up, Lukeyboy!” She shouted after her friend. Automatically Luke stopped and swivelled on the spot.
    The two 15 years old eventually reached the school gates and when in just as the bell rang. They shared a quick hug before rushing off to their different classrooms. Luke was greeted by a load of greetings and a few pats on the back. Being the captain of the rugby, football and cricket team helped bring in the popularity, but he didn’t need it. He and Micky were best friends, they always had been.
    Micky got a slightly different greeting, people barely lifted their heads form their desks as she entered. Sitting at her back desk, she dragged her books from her bag and slammed them on the table. Smirking as the jumpier people flinched, she filed through her folder and picked out her English book.

    Mickey was top of the class and she had her hand up for almost everything. Luke wasn’t so bright, but being a boffin would make him look ‘uncool’ with the guys. Most people hated Mickey, she was annoying, clever and best friends with the boy all the girls fancied. Mickey and Luke met up at break.
    “You hear about that French trip, Luke?”
    “You gonna go?”

    2 weeks later

    The school playground was bustling with year 10s. Mickey and Luke were standing at the edge of a crowd. Mickey was having a glaring contest with some of the other girls, while Luke was busy smiling at every one of his ‘mates’. Mickey dropped one of her bags, reaching down to get it she saw Luke start to push his way to the crowd to get onto the coach. “Oi! Luke! Wait!” She called after him.

    On the coach there was a rush to get next to Luke, but Mickey got there first.
    “Hey Mick.” Luke smiled,
    “Yo.” Was her answer.
    It was a quiet journey, but once they’d boarded the ferry, there was a stampede off and to try and get the best seats with their friends. Luke and Mickey ended up slouching in a corner, feeling sick. Everyone was relieved when 4 hours later, it arrived in the port.

    A judder in the ferry set off a few screams. An overhead announcement said “We are sorry, some technical difficulties have appeared, please evacuate the ship immediately. I repeat, immediately.” It repeated this again in French, but no one listened. Everyone was rushing to the doors. There was a huge groan and the boat started to tip backwards, away from the exit. Luke was on his way to the exit, to freedom, when he heard a faint call behind him. “Luke!” It screamed “Wait for me!” Luke turned his head and saw Mickey being dragged backwards by a seat. Knowing that if he went back he’d die too, he shook his head.
    “No Mickey, I’m not waiting for you anymore!” he shouted at the girl, who was sobbing. He turned and sprinted up to the top of the ship, and out into the light.